NanoMatriX Achieved a Great Success on Retail Asia Expo 2017

NanoMatriX Shines a Spotlight on Innovative Retail Technology

Hundreds of visitors visited NanoMatriX’s latest product showcase at the Retail Asia Expo 2017. This year, our booth theme was specially designed retailers, brand owners and system integrators with four different areas of our expertise:

  • Brand protection
  • Track & trace
  • IT integration
  • Internet of Things (IoT)

As a proficient state-of-the-art innovator and supplier of anti-counterfeiting technologies and system integration services, NanoMatriX offers sophisticated one stop shop solutions for product and document security. We attended the Retail Asia Expo for the fourth year consecutively with the aim of supporting retailers to cope with counterfeit problems, including coupon fraud, return frauds, warranty frauds and product diversion, thus, we help retailers to improve management efficiency and boost performance while let their valuable customers purchase with confidence.

During the three days’ exhibition, we met worldwide visitors who shown their tremendous interests in our innovative products as well as breakthrough anti-counterfeiting technologies

In order to ensure the product and document security, NanoMatriX offers retailers a series of tailored, secure and IT integrated products or solutions that are suitable for optimizing supply chain security while fighting against counterfeiting, such as:

Last but not least, it was a great pleasure for NanoMatriX to participate in the Retail Asia Expo 2017 and we look forward to bringing more innovative and awesome ideas to retailers next year!