Impact of Counterfeit Tickets

Hong Kong Rugby Sevens is a major sports event in Hong Kong. Every year, the event attracts numerous visitors around the world, who are willing to pay much to get the tickets and enjoy watching this fantastic game. However, some visitors were failed to enter the stadium in 2012 because of the counterfeit tickets. Counterfeit tickets not only make visitors feel disappointed but also influence the reputation of Hong Kong Rugby Sevens as a renowned mega sports event.

A Request from HKRU

In 2013, Hong Kong Rugby Union (HKRU) requested NanoMatriX for consultation and supply of ticketing solution. Since then, NanoMatriX has been the Hong Kong Rugby Sevens official tickets supplier. No fake ticket has been found since 2013.

An Innovative Anti-Counterfeiting Solutions Applied in Access Control

This year, NanoMatriX offers three innovative anti-counterfeiting products for the HKRU, includingsecure & custom design entry tickets, effective & efficient verification with HSD (High Security Detector)and QR code wristbands. The tickets feature and exclusive and proprietary security elements that are used in high security printing. When visitors come to the entry gate and show their tickets, the gate controllers just need to press a button to verify the ticket’s authenticity. The HSD can complete the verification process within less than a second. Overall speaking, the verification system allows audiences to access in a convenient way while gate inspectors can verify the tickets quickly with user-friendly detectors.

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