MatriX-Mark™ Taggant Sensor

MatriX-Mark™ Taggant Sensor

Genuine Refill Solutions – Control of Your Product

Imagine your consumable items, like printing cartridges, are being replaced by “compatible” alternatives? How can you stop this from happening and encourage your customers to use the genuine product?

NanoMatriX offer a unique system where:

  • Consumable items feature an area with a security taggant (printed or in product)
  • A sensor in the machine will accurately recognize and signal the presence of a taggant

By marking consumable containers with our MatriX-Mark taggant ink, and putting our programmed sensors into the device itself, the “built-in detector” senses the marks and can tell whether it is an original refill cartridge, or a coffee capsule, and so on.

Matrix-Mark™ Taggant ink Features

  • Taggants ink can be applied on all paper or product substrates
  • Taggant pigments can be applied in plastic molded product or other materials
  • Inorganic nature of taggants: No aging of security feature even, if exposed to strong UV radiation for a long period of time.
  • High temperature resistant: Security features melting point above 1000°C
  • Tough: Sustained physical harsh conditions
  • Chemical resistant: Withstood chemical resistant tests for banknote use
  • Complex formulation: Extremely difficult to re-engineer
  • Forensic features can be added. To provide evidence in courts of law

Product Benefits

  • Protect revenue stream from consumable item sales
  • Suitable to print static information or variable data (VDP)
  • Detect and investigate efficiently parallel trading, product diversion, production overruns
  • Durable prints strong bonding with any substrate
  • Prints are chemical resistant
  • All type of color (including invisible ink) available



NanoMatriX develops and provides unique and highly customizable anti-counterfeiting and consumer engagement solutions. The adaptable anti-fake, antipirate and smart packaging solutions contain physical security features on products or packages as well as digital tokens. High performance and ease-of-use or our systems are warranted by applying Machine Learning, Internet of Things and Blockchain.

MatriX NFC Tamper Tag Protection & Engagement


We are proven experts who can deliver strong proprietary anti-counterfeit and consumer engagement solutions.



We offer wide range physical and digital token security features enhanced by driven by blockchain, artificial intelligence or internet of things.


TrackMatriX® codes can be deployed and used effortless in different QR code formats (GEO, LOCK, NEAT) or NFC tags.