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Linking Consumer Engagement with Anti-Fraud and Anti-Counterfeiting Strategy

Between 12th and 14th June, NanoMatriX participated the Retail Asia Expo 2018, one of the largest retail shows in Asia. Meticulously-designed security labels, certificates and tickets displayed at the booth attracted attention from hundreds of visitors interested in applying brand protection and consumer engagement technologies into their business.

As a top supplier in hologram market, NanoMatriX provides multi-tier high–quality security printing products as below: 

NanoMatriX in Retail Asia Expo 2018

 As a top supplier in hologram market, NanoMatriX provides multi-tier high–quality security printing products as below:

·         HSA Holographic Labels

·         HSA Security Labels

·         HSA Security Labels

·         MatriX-Mark™ Taggant

·         HSA Security Tickets

·         HSA Detectors



Meticulous products through 14 years contributions by NanoMatriX

MatriX – Mark™ Taggant

The MatriX – Mark™ Taggant is one of the leading technologies in security printing to protect products and documents against the thread arising by counterfeiting.MatriX – Mark™ Taggants thechnologies works as there are very small particles with covert and forensic security features which can only be detected and verified by the Taggant HSD detector.They are inorganic and can withstand harsh chemical and physical conditions.Therefore, they are highly desirable for product and document protection where tampering is prevalent. This ensures you security and authenticity.

Ticket Counterfeiting Rate Reduced to 0%

Hong Kong Ruby Sevens is the premium sports in Hong Kong attracting more than 120,000 cumulate spectators from all over the world.

The thread of counterfeited tickets for the Hong Kong Rugby Sevens arose in 2012 which adversely affected the brand’s image negatively.MatriX – Mark™ Taggant technology was used on the tickets for the Hong Kong Rugby Sevens 2018. NanoMatriX has been supplying the tickets with MatriX – Mark™ Taggant since 2013 since then the ticket sale maintained authentic and counterfeit was erased successfully for the event.We used coatings, inks and NanoMatriX security labels and applied it on the tickets to ensure they cannot be faked.This made the Hong Kong Rugby Sevens maintain authentic tickets and be an overall great time for all participants from all over the world!

Unbeaten Hong Kong Rugby Sevens tickets produced by NanoMatriX

Innovative NFC Solution – TrackMatriX® NFC

Apart from traditional security printing, NanoMatriX offers NFC brand protection & brand engagement solutions to a wide range of industries. TrackMatriX® NFC developed by NanoMatriX allow brands owner to apply NFC tags onto their products and connecting to TrackMartiX® system for item verification. TrackMatriX® NFC has been applied in wine & spirits industry recently and it take the whole industry by storm as the convenience of item tracking with obviously effective consumer engagement. 

TrackMatriX® NFC Application on Wine

Why You Should Start Your Brand Protection & Consumer Engagement Program with NanoMatriX Tag

How can a tag or a label provides brand protection, track and trace and consumer engagement at the same time? The TrackMartiX® system would be an answer of this question to make verification process bringing benefits below: 

Easy Application of TrackMatriX®

The TrackMartiX® system is a cloud-hosted, secure, track and trace system which combines innovative technology such as QR codes and NFC tags with traditional secure printing.Moreover, the solutions offered by TrackMartiX® system were the reason why retailers and brand owners attended Retail Expo:

Anti – Counterfeiting

Many brands have been affected by the thread of counterfeiting during the last years.NanoMatriX TrackMartiX® system provides tracking and verification functions as TrackMatirX® Geo / TrackMatirX® Lock / TrackMatirX® NFC with MatriX-Mark™ Taggant as multi-level brand protection.

Lack of Consumer Engagement

Consumer engagement has taken a significant part in marketing to build strong connections with consumers. The TrackMartiX® system provides a platform with different options of engagement.

Marketing Data Scarcity

Although every enterprise is aware of the importance of data analytics there are insufficient channels that collect data inefficiently.The TrackMartiX® system provides a reporting portal displaying consumers’ geographic and behavioral data including a real – time analysis. 

TrackMatriX would be more effective than painkiller in these cases.

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