TrackMatriX®NFC Introduction

The TrackMatriX® System is a cloud-hosted, secure and scalable  track & trace system, which is used to authenticate individual products or documents. By simply using a smartphone, consumers can quickly and easily read NFC tags to obtain relevant or entertaining information. This simple process allows customers to check the authenticity of a particular product in an instant, whilst also providing an ideal marketing platform.

The TrackMatriX® System gathers data from each individual engagement event for the purpose of;

  • Identifying and acting on suspected product crimes such as counterfeits, parallel trading, product return fraud, warranty fraud,
  • Monitoring and improving marketing campaigns through customizable reporting portal.


What can TrackMatriX® NFC offer?

  1. TrackMatriX® Engine: Comprehensive modular web application with unique customer account pages for:
  • Administrator to manage
    • User and user permission identity and access management
    • View relevant engagement incident metrics
    • User activity log
  • Code Manager: Order and UID status management
  • Marketing / Campaign Manager: Monitor and analyses campaigns and brand engagement activities
  • Security Manager: Monitor and analyses product security related activities
  1. Management of unique identification numbers (UIDs)
  1. NFC-tags containing secured unchangeable information such as unique identification numbers (UIDs) and scan counter as well as and customizable information and workflows such as landing page URL, dynamic cryptographic algorithms and security protocols. A wide range of NFC tags with different functionalities and chip storage capacity can be delivered, such as
  • NFC Tamper Tags: NFC tag with a loop, to recognize whether a product package (e.g. wine bottle or cosmetic box) is still closed or has been opened already.
  • Proximity tags: NFC tags which can be read securely when in contact with the reading device (e.g. smartphone) or from a max. distance of 10 cm.
  • Vicinity tags: New family of NFC tags, which allow secure reading up to a distance of 110 cm.
  1. Hosting of customized web-pages with a domain name provided by NanoMatriX or by the customer.
  1. Wide range of web-based services which can;
  • detect counterfeiting, parallel trading and other product crimes
  • spark consumer engagement using smartphones
  1. Access to reporting portal to monitor results and support data driven decisions to
  • Identify and act on suspected product crimes
  • System user activity logs
  • Consumer engagement and other inspection incidents
  1. Customized mobile apps for consumer engagement and inspection purpose can be provided.
  1. Expert witness statement services: Additional optional inspection services to verify the authenticity of security printed documents is available, in case further evidence is required to convict criminals.


TrackMatriX® NFC System

TrackMatriX® Engine: Management Portal

The TrackMatriX® Engine is an account-based management portal used to store and process captured UID information. Users enter Unique Identity codes to view and edit the bottle data. The administrator can view and create data-rich reports on relevant product and product status information; NFC scan time and location; and set alerts to detect any suspicious activity. 

Engagement and inspection results from NFC tags from different campaigns, product types, or sales territories can be viewed by individual segment or displayed in a single reporting portal to display the consolidated data for analysis and data driven decision making.


TrackMatriX® Bolt: Programming and Monitoring App

TrackMatriX® Bolt is a login protected Android app which is used by warehouse staff to

  • Capture the unique Identification number (UID) or an NFC tag
  • Read & write encrypted information into the NFC chip
  • Close the tags by changing the tag status from read/write to read-only, to make it impossible for counterfeiters to manipulates the information
  • Transmit all the relevant information about a specific tag and its content to the TrackmatriX® Engine to keep the accurate tag status and information safe and ready for further analysis.

All the activities of the TrackMatriX® Bolt user will be logged in detail so that now fraudulent activity can be conducted during this very important step of activating the NFC tag and linking a physical product with its digital representative, the data set, which is stored in the cloud.


TrackMatriX® Engage: App to Engage Consumers and Equip Inspectors

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How does the system work?

Create and Apply NFC Tags (Customized Technology)

To successfully deploy NFC-based brand protection or consumer engagement / mobile marketing campaign it is crucial to fully understand the use-case and the objective(s) and priorities of a project. In most cases the NFC tag has to be customized for the project to optimize tag performance and ensure ease-of-use for the consumer.

In close collaboration with the project owner, NanoMatriX, will help to determine the best NFC tag design and configure the workflow specific exchange of data and the most appropriate security protocol. To support and ensure success of our customer’s projects we offer pilot project support, IT and cryptographic consultancy as well as user training.        

 Scan action image

Monitor Reporting Portal (Data Driven Decisions)

Each time a tag is scanned, geolocation and behavioral data will be collected and analyzed in the TrackMatriX® Engine™ including scanning frequency, real – time GPS location, scanning devices etc. Managers can monitor all products, and be alerted by suspicious scanning activity.


Engage Customer (Tailor-Made Consumer Engagement)

Users engage with the NFC tag by tapping the product with an NFC-enabled device. They are then routed to a customizable TrackMatriX® Engage™ Module. The module can contain any form of marketing campaign; including a brand website link, promotion, coupon, invitation, or any other form of customer engagement. 

Each time a consumer or inspector is scanning TrackMatriX® NFC tag with a generic NFC app or an inspector app the UIDs of the tag, including some other relevant information will be captured along with meta data related to scan device (e.g. smart phone)  geolocation and behavioral data for record and further analysis in the TrackMatriX® Engine including scanning frequency, real – time GPS location, scanning devices etc. Managers can monitor marketing campaign engagement and product security status of a single or multiple product or document types. Custom auto alerts notification thresholds can be set by the system administrator so that specific user roles will get notified about relevant scan data or scan irregularities.


TrackMatriX® NFC Highlights

  • Fully NFC-enabled TrackMatriX® authentication system
  • Customizable MatriX NFC tags to fit your specifications
  • Each NFC tag contains a UID which is recorded in our database cloud:
    • Cloud-hosted verification systems for inspectors and consumers
    • Web-based verification for consumers to gain premium content efficiently
    • Optional fully branded mobile app for overt or covert verification and consumer engagement
  • Detailed, real-time and on-demand management and reporting portal
    • Track items and monitor the supply chain performance
    • Deliver relevant and actionable insights to combat illicit activity
    • Support multi-level access management and user activity logging using highly granular Identity & Access Management (IAM)
  • Supplementary services:
    • Professional graphic design services and print services (e.g. for tag design)
    • Configuring custom reports for data analytics and consulting

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