Visa Sticker Consulting

Visa Sticker Consulting

NanoMatriX is proficient in visa sticker project management: consulting, design, production, personalization solutions and inspection training. We are experienced in designing security graphics and holograms, as well as printing features and defining paper specifications. We offer alternative options of verifying covert and forensic features in the visa stickers. We can offer security stamping inks and personalization printer systems in addition to the visa sticker supplies.

In some cases, we provide bar codes to help elevate the respective government body’s specifications to ICAO-compliant standards. Ultimately, NanoMatriX’s achievements not only help to expand design specifications and products, but also contribute to more sophisticated design features and authentication methods.

Service Portfolio

  • Principal program outline and milestones to be achieved
  • Proposal of alternative security features, substrates, authentication and personalization systems
  • Creative and innovative methods of product positioning, and communication
  • Follow diligently through technical qualification processes and procurement procedures


  • Professional, result-oriented project management style
  • Further reinforced with in-depth experience and access to large network of high security document and production facilities
  • Substantial results for principals and visa authorities



NanoMatriX develops and provides unique and highly customizable anti-counterfeiting and consumer engagement solutions. The adaptable anti-fake, antipirate and smart packaging solutions contain physical security features on products or packages as well as digital tokens. High performance and ease-of-use or our systems are warranted by applying Machine Learning, Internet of Things and Blockchain.


We are proven experts who can deliver strong proprietary anti-counterfeit and consumer engagement solutions.



We offer wide range physical and digital token security features enhanced by driven by blockchain, artificial intelligence or internet of things.


TrackMatriX® codes can be deployed and used effortless in different QR code formats (GEO, LOCK, NEAT) or NFC tags.