Protecting Valuable Important Receipts

Protecting Valuable Important Receipts

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NanoMatriX is an expert in designing and delivering security level receipts:

  • That cannot be copied due to unique overt, covert & forensic security features
  • Suitable to protect revenue for all industries from eCommerce retail to warehouse receipts
  • Easy to verify at each point document workflow stage

The NanoMatriX security deposit receipt printing delivers assurance to consumer and business and contains security features suitable for legally enforceable evidence to protect the integrity of our client’s business and brand value

NanoMatriX helps clients to devise robust security strategies, thus enabling them to validate authenticity or discover document forging. We design the documents so that the clients are able to retrieve the data that matches with all details of the products and its ownership.

Our TrackMatriX® Lock system helps connect the variable data on the documents in the client database during online and offline verification uses.

We help our clients to define their security specifications so that external attacks are made extremely difficult. We refine policies in issuing and receiving documents so that an inside attack is impossible, or it will be easily discovered.

To support legal proceedings, NanoMatriX offers independent expert analysis reports and expert witness statements. The features we design can be equipped with unique forensic features and serve as legal enforceable evidence.

TrackMatriX® Lock system Applications

  • Secure O2O document management systems
  • Warehouse receipt
  • Retail management

TrackMatriX® Lock system Features

  • MatriX-Mark Security Taggant
  • Holographic hot stamp patch, stripe or laminates
  • Comprehensive variety of visible/invisible printing
  • Over/Covert track-and-trace TrackMatriX® Lock scan and verification system
  • UV Fluorescent ink
  • Security paper
  • Visible and invisible security fibers
  • Security graphic design, e.g. relief, guilloche, latent

TrackMatriX® Lock system Benefits

  • High security
  • Flexible data export
  • User-friendly app interface
  • Simple and effective offline verification
  • Easy to inspect via smartphone
  • Strong patent protection
  • Quality management (ISO 9001:2015)



NanoMatriX develops and provides unique and highly customizable anti-counterfeiting and consumer engagement solutions. The adaptable anti-fake, antipirate and smart packaging solutions contain physical security features on products or packages as well as digital tokens. High performance and ease-of-use or our systems are warranted by applying Machine Learning, Internet of Things and Blockchain.


We are proven experts who can deliver strong proprietary anti-counterfeit and consumer engagement solutions.



We offer wide range physical and digital token security features enhanced by driven by blockchain, artificial intelligence or internet of things.


TrackMatriX® codes can be deployed and used effortless in different QR code formats (GEO, LOCK, NEAT) or NFC tags.