MatriX-Mark™ Portable Anti-counterfeit Marking System

NanoMatriX is offering MatriX-Mark™ Portable Security Marking system, a handheld MatriX-Mark™ taggant inkjet printing system that can be used during printing at distribution or logistic centers. The taggant is a unique tool that creates visible or invisible marks on products or documents using a sophisticated security ink. With such a security printed mark, it is easy to detect and investigate parallel trading, product diversion, or production overrun activities.

The MatriX-Mark™ Portable Security Marking system is easy to use and can be deployed for marking and protecting products and documents.

The visible or invisible security mark printed by the MatriX-Mark™ Portable Security Marking can be verified using:

  • Custom-built and dedicated detectors: Yes/no detection
  • Customized barcode scanners: To read variable data on barcodes
  • MatriX-Mark™ Visualizer: System to make taggants prints visible




NanoMatriX creates, develops, and evolves custom NFC tags and security solutions for brand protection & customer engagement. You can use any NFC chip reader software or NFC enabled smartphone to read NFC tags. We offer the best-of-breed materials, components and security features for optimizing your business solutions. NanoMatriX designs what you desire.

Invisible Ultra-Covert MatriX-Mark Taggant Prints

MatriX-Mark™ Portable Security Marking System Benefits

  • Suitable to print static information or variable data (VDP)
  • Detect and investigate efficiently parallel trading, product diversion, production overruns
  • High security via highly covert & forensic security feature
  • Durable prints strong bonding with any substrate
  • Chemical resistant prints
  • Wide range of detection systems available.
  • All types of colors (including invisible ink) available
  • Quality management (ISO 9001:2015)

MatriX-Mark™ Portable Security Marking System Applications

  • Footwear
  • Fashion and accessories
  • Supply chain security

At NanoMatriX, the MatriX-Mark™ Portable Security Marking System is one of multiple taggant types available to deploy, helping you enforce strong and viable brand protection strategies.



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