Shaping the Future Method of Document Protection

Posted by Serena Huang | Thu, Oct 12, 2017 @ 10:27 AM

Holograms Continue to Innovate in Document Protection

Security hologram labels not only safeguard the integrity of identity documents, but also add value by offering wider scope for corporate design, functionality and ease of authenticity. 
To assess the authenticity of holographic security features (labels, laminates, hotstamp patches), instantly and beyond any reasonable doubt is increasingly difficult, as counterfeiters keep making better holograms. In this article we demonstrate how covert & forensic MatriX-Mark security traggants are used to enhance the holographic security features. A custom-built detector is used for verify in milliseconds multiple characteristics and provides an instant and accurate inspection result: Genuine or Fake. 

Next-Generation Hologram Meeting High Security Document Needs

Here, NanoMatrIX can provide holographic products with visually appealing features on multi-type holographic taggant foil. The deliverables include:

  • Holograms with MatriX-Mark™ Taggant

MatriX-Mark™ Taggants are inorganic luminescent pigments, with the option to add an additional forensic feature. They are invisible to the naked eye yet are easy to inspect with handheld and inline custom-built detectors. In addition, these pigments can be provided in all ink colors and are compatible with all printing technologies.

  • Holograms with Custom-specific Formulations

A wide range of custom-designed holographic foil can be provided with the following luminescent features, such as: MatriX-Mark™ Ultra-covert pigments, MatriX-Mark Hero™ Pigments, IR Upconverter pigments, MatriX-Mark™ Taggant UV Fluorescent pigments and many more.

hologramphic img

Key Tool to Verify Document Authenticity

Apart from the high security holographic foil, it is essential to be equipped with the calibrated High Security Detectors (HSD) to detect the presence of MatriX-Mark™ taggants.

Taggant HSD

  • Can be discriminated from different taggant types & upconverters
  • Variety of output signals for positive detection available
  • Wide range of technical services available
  • Detection systems for smart phone use available
  • Remote calibration, reprogramed
  • Detect parallel trading
taggant detector

Bluetooth Detector

  • Support remote calibration and be reprogramed
  • Detect parallel trading
  • GPS technology and back-end data recording


taggant detector with bluetooth

Visualizer - Display Invisible Taggant Prints


  • Inspection Field: Advanced testing and reading capabilities
  • Optional Output signals: Capture totally invisible barcodes for document authentication and management
  • Can be recognized and decoded accurately by the mobile phone 

Topics: Brand Protection, Anti-counterfeiting, Security Label, Product Verification

Written by Serena Huang