WineWardens™ Advanced Wine & Spirits Inventory Management System


WineWardens is an advanced inventory management system for collectable premium wine and spirits.

The system is using anti-copy, anti-tamper security labels with QR codes or NFC tags to mark each bottle or boxes uniquely.

For professional organization WineWardens also offers customer engagement options, whereby wine collectors can login to their private account and view the status of their inventory.

WineWardens is a cloud-hosted, scalable application which can be delivered as white label application.

Increase Value to the Industry
Wine Storage Facility

  • Permit clients to view and manage their private account
  • Taylor-made WineWardens System
  • Easy check-in and out management
  • Real-time storage condition records

Wine Merchants, Traders and Wine Exchanges

  • Permit business partners to view and manage their private account.
  • Option to use URL of QR code or NFC tag for promotional purposes
  • Self-servicing inventory management with sub-user accounts
  • Record history of each bottle or case

Wineries & Distilleries

  • Develop track and trace system across multiple storage facilities
  • Integration with TrackMatriX System:
    Connected product management solution
    Self-serving landing pages per brand / distributor
    Engage collectors to improve supply chain control

Benefits: Smart Bottles for Smart Collectors

  • Just scan or tap to interact with the brand, learn more about product, storage condition or securely transfer ownership
  • Increase value of collectables by adding an immutable information rich history
  • Authenticity assurance via item-by-item authentication and applying tamper and counterfeit proof secure physical tokens
  • End-to-end track & trace across one or multiple cellars
  • Supporting private or public blockchain opportunities




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