TrackMatriX® Solution - TM Platinum™

Connecting the Physical to Digital World with ONE Tap

NanoMatriX specializes in product and document authentication with an integrated solution for brand protection and consumers engagement to solve our clients’ specific problems. We provide three unique, secure and tailor plans - TM Silver™, TM Gold™ and TM Platinum™.

TM Platinum™ solution provides a wide range of NFC capabilities, including product and document authentication, track and trace and tamper evidence, through dedicated NFC chips, stickers/ packaging integration services, with a powerful cloud-based software platform for protecting brands while engaging consumers directly and effectively.

Highlights of TM Platinum™ at a glance

  • Fully customizable TrackMatriX® authentication system
  • Customizable size and shape of MatriX NFC tags that meet your requirements
  • Integrating MatriX NFC tags into your important document and premium products with
    • NTAG Series
    • ICODE Series
  • Each NFC tag with a UID which is recorded in our cloud-based database
    • Cloud-host verification systems for
    • Web-based verification for consumers to get access efficiently or
    • Optional fully branded mobile app for verification and consumer engagement
  • Detailed, real-time and on-demand management and reporting portal
    • Track items and monitor the supply chain performance
    • Deliver relevant and actionable insights to combat illicit activity
    • Support multi-level access management and user activity logging using highly granular Identity & Access Management (IAM)
    • Free 1-Year subscription fees
  • Supplementary services:
    • Professional graphic design services and print services (e.g. for label & packaging design)
    • Configuring custom reports and data analytics consulting

Overview of TM Platinum™ Plan

Smart NFC Tags with Robust Authentication Systems & Dynamic Engagement App

  • TM Lock QR code – A serialized 2D code provides intrinsic authentication
    • Patented double-layered 2D barcodes with overt & covert information
      g. Overt info.: Product/ document verification page, or marketing promotions
      E.g. Covert info.: Distributor information (Known by brand owner only)
    • Offline and Online product/ document verification via scanning of code
      E.g. Overt: product/ document verification through generic mobile QR code reader
      E.g. Covert: classified information is only decoded by TrackMatriX® Inspector App
    • Supply of serialization codes: Printed on security label, printed on product packages/ secure document, or code only delivery
    • Genuine NXP chips with all sizes and shapes available
    • Fully NFC Forum compliant
    • Modulation of AES cryptographic models to meet project specific requirements
    • Offline and Online product/ document verification through tapping MatriX-NFC tags
    • MatriX-NFC Tags are suitable to tag all kinds of products, custom antenna design available. MatriX-NFC Tags are available with the following NXP chips:
      NTAG Series 21x: Standard or extended security functions. Custom-programmed to meet use-case requirements
      NTAG 413 DNA: NFC Forum 4 compliant high security chip, secure authentication with generic NFC smart phone apps.
      NTAG 213 Tag Tamper: Dynamic response for brand security and brand engagement, pending if bottle, box or package is ‘sealed’ or has been ‘opened’
      ICODE Series: NFC tag for vicinity reading, up to 1.2 meter. Suitable for engagement, brand security, inventory management and anti-theft security.
    • Delivery options: packs or rolls
      • Code deliver options: secure link, email or on-site generator
    • Custom or tailor-made modules to validate authenticity or engage consumers are available
    • Applications: eDocuments (e.g. ID cards, passport, driver's license, membership cards) & product and smart packaging (e.g. product verification, loyalty program and product information capture)
  • Tracking & reporting portal for authorized users
    • Automatically transfer and capture all relevant data of scanning device
    • Provide accurate, real-time product status throughout supply chain
    • Dynamic setting to send auto-notification to persons in charge in case of suspicious are recorded
  • Big Data Analytics
    • Identify unauthorized sales (Grey marketing, parallel trading)
    • Measuring campaign effectiveness
    • Consumer behavior analytics
  • Bespoke branded engagement app (Android/iOS) – TrackMatriX® App
    Multiple engagement options available:
    • Automated refill/ replacement alert
    • Artificial Intelligence (AI) chatbot
    • Personalized push notification
    • Featured recommendation
    • Loyalty program / membership
    • Auto-triggered push notifications to smart phones
    • Gaming, e-coupon, instant win, etc.
  • Value-added services
    • Rapid system deployment
    • Fast mobile app development within three months
    • Multi-level user Identity and Access Management (IAM)
    • Other customization of the system upon request


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