Smart Packaging and Security Solutions for Wine Industry

TrackMatriX® SaaS and WineWarden: Revolutionary Wine & Spirits Protection

Over the years, the wine industry has faced several challenges that have almost given it an extinct status. Several dealers and brand owners in the industry have recorded revenue and reputation losses due to counterfeit products and fraudsters that are determined to fake everything. This has  called for the urgent need for a long-lasting security solution that will renew the confidence of brand owners and provide the much-needed product security and efficient authentication technologies.

TrackMatriX® SaaS is the Answer

TrackMatriX® SaaS allows brand owners to take advantage of a self-service platform that enables product authentication while providing an opportunity to engage with customers with QR redirection to product information, loyalty membership incentives and channel cross-selling.

The TrackMatriX® System offers various feature options to dealers in the wine industry. First, it offers  TrackMatriX® Insights, a solution that provides portal to collect data from consumers using QR code and NFC scans to provide real-time GPS location, scanning frequencies, and suspicious activity alerts. All of this data can be used to monitor marketing campaign engagement and product security status across multiple products and document types.

Also, it includes TrackMatriX® NFC, which is a cloud-hosted and secure form of data exchange which can be used to authenticate individual products. Consumers can obtain different kinds of wine information prior to opening or after opening. Authorized personnel may also upload information regarding the products specifications, location tracking, storage temperature, or any other information that is vital for a consumer.

Finally, there are TrackMatriX® Geo and TrackMatriX® Lock advanced security QR codes. These codes contain overt and covert (Lock) information about the product that can be accessed by scanning the code. Customers who scan the QR code can be rerouted to any landing page that can include a link to the company website, a digital coupon, an event invite, or any other engagement tool that the brand desires!

The Effectiveness of WineWarden Solutions

The Wine Warden, designed by NanoMatriX, provides valuable protection, comprising of a customizable combination of our proven security features. All of our security elements can be integrated into the WineWarden to enhance wine and spirit bottle protection, facilitate authentication and motivate customer engagement.

State-of-the-Art Tag

The WineWarden security tag is the first of its kind to be developed specifically on wine bottles. The tag can be incorporated seamlessly onto the bottles’ existing label, or added to any other part of the bottle. The tag has been tried and proven on even the slickest bottles. Once applied, the tag cannot be removed and compromised.  

Tag Tamper NFC

The NanoMatriX WineWarden tag is equipped with a revolutionary anti-tamper technology. The NFC NTAG213 TT wraps around the top of the wine or spirits bottle and alerts the NFC tag if the bottle has ever been opened. The Tamper Tag technology prevents criminals from refilling high-end bottles, securing product authenticity.

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