All in One Pet Food Security Label Solution

Brand Protection, Customer Engagement & Business Intelligence

When you select NanoMatriX as your partner to increase brand value through brand protection and consumer engagement, you can expect:

  • VISUALLY ATTRACTIVE: Stand out from the crowd with stunning, robust and secure label design
  • SECURE: Offer comprehensive brand protection with multi-layered security levels
  • DATA DRIVEN DECISIONS: Make strategic and tactical business decisions by leveraging big data analytics
  • BUILDING CONSUMER CONFIDENCE: Strengthen consumer confidence to enable your consumers to verify product authenticity with a smartphone

One Shop Solution
Protect, Track & Trace, Analyze Along Supply Chain

Brand Protection and Data Analytics in Supply Chain

NanoMatriX specializes in product and document authentication with an integrated solution for brand protection and consumer engagement to solve even the most complex client problems. This unique solution allows brand owners, consumers and industrial users to access in an easy and reliable product authentication solution using the TrackMatriX® smartphone app. A powerful TrackMatriX® Cloud reporting portal gives in-depth insights to combat counterfeit or grey market activities while improving customer engagement. 

Pet Food Security Label Solution Features

  • Fully customizable TrackMatriX® authentication system
  • Combination of overt, covert & forensic product and packaging authentication technology using:
    • Tamper-evident security labels, e.g. VOID or honeycomb
    • Serialized QR code hyperlinks on pet food label or packaging
    • MatriX-Mark™ Taggant and other security features, e.g. scratch off layer
  • Large scale generation of static or dynamic QR codes with UID
    • Cloud-host verification systems 
    • Web-based verification for consumers to get access efficiently or
    • Optional fully branded mobile app for verification and consumer engagement
  • Detailed, real-time and on-demand management and reporting portal
    • Track items and monitor the supply chain performance
    • Deliver relevant and actionable insights to combat illicit activity
    • Support multi-level access management and user activity logging using highly granular Identity & Access Management (IAM)
    • Free 1-Year subscription fees
  • Supplementary services:
    • Professional graphic design services and print services (e.g. for label & packaging design)
    • Configuring custom reports and data analytics consulting

Pet Food Scratch Off QR Code Security Label


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