TrackMatriX® NFC

TrackMatriX® NFC – Connecting Physical and Digital Worlds with ONE Tap

TrackMatriX® NFC is an RFID based brand protection security service. Our system is a cloud-hosted, secure form of data exchange which can be used to authenticate individual products or documents. Additionally, TrackMatriX® NFC is a part of a track and trace system. Using any smartphone and any NFC card reader app or NFC badge reader, consumers can quickly and easily read custom NFC stickers, NFC badges, or NFC tags to obtain relevant and entertaining information about a product. This also essentially allows customers to check the authenticity of a particular product in an instant.

We offer NFC label smart tags with a chip containing secured, unchangeable information such as unique identification numbers (UIDs), scan counter, customizable information and workflows such as landing page URL, dynamic cryptographic algorithms, and security protocols. Additionally, our NFC QR labels have specialized tamper tags that inform the consumers and administrators that the product has been cut open. Once the tamper tag has been cut the UID will transfer the consumer to a different URL upon scanning to add increased security and protection for the consumer.

TrackMatriX® NFC Highlights

  • Fully NFC-enabled TrackMatriX® authentication system
  • Customizable NFC label smart tags to fit your specifications
  • Each NFC tag contains a UID which is recorded in our database cloud
  • Detailed, real-time and on-demand management & reporting portal
  • Mobile app for warehouse staff to keep inventory and product management

TrackMatriX® Plans: Management Portal for Consumer Engagement

TrackMatriX® Plans is a SaaS platform and a subscription-based management portal used to store and process captured UID information. Consumers with any type of nfc card reader app can tap the NFC smart tags on products to enter Unique Identity codes to then view and engage with product content. Once the consumer scans, administrators can view and create data-rich reports on relevant product and product status information like NFC scan time and location. They can also set alerts to detect any suspicious activity to prevent counterfeiting and fake copied tags.

TrackMatriX® Bolt : Programming and Monitoring App

TrackMatriX® Bolt is a login and user locked protected Android and iPhone app which can be used by warehouse staff to:

  • Capture the unique Identification number (UID) in the NFC badge/tag
  • Read & write encrypted information into the NFC chip
  • Secure the tags by changing the tag status from read/write to read-only, to make it impossible for counterfeiters to manipulate the information
  • Transmit all the relevant information about a specific NFC tag and its content to the TrackmatriX® Plans platform
  • Track the location of where the products are being scanned to ensure they are not leaving the authorized location
  • Varying account access for administrators versus users to further ensure product information is being handled accurately 


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TrackMatriX® Plans : Product Authentication Track & Trace System App functions

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We offer customized solutions, meeting clients’ requirements and protecting their invisible assets, and they will always come back for more.



We make the world safer by ensuring the authenticity of identities as well as tangible and intangible assets



We achieve this through solid experience, deep technical knowledge and advanced technologies


About NanoMatriX

NanoMatriX creates, develops, and evolves products & solutions for brand protection & customer engagement. We offer NFC label smart tag made using the best-of-breed materials, components and security features for optimizing your business solutions. NanoMatriX designs what you desire.









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