The preferred solution to support agile businesses

Openbravo is one of the leading cloud based, modular designed ERP software systems. It's award winning modular and open architecture bring a lot of benefits to your business; such as:

  • On demand charges allow companies to do more with less capital investment.
  • Open source architecture makes the system easy-to-deploy.
  • Unlimited possibility to integrate data from other enterprise software. Integrate everything at a fast rare.
  • Hosting options are: Cloud-hosted, locally or hybrid.
  • Scalable architecture and localization extension help you upgrade with your business growth.
  • The entire system is designed for mobile use. No need to wait for mobile readiness.
  • Ideal for managers who need to have their KPI and data analytics at their fingertips at all times. Real-time data synchronization between multiple business locations, with multiple currencies or multiple peripheral systems (digital and physical distribution and sales channels).

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Openbravo ERP Platform

Power your ideas for building smart enterprise solutions. The Openbravo Business Suite provides an unmatched combination of a flexible and easily extendable development platform. It helps you to integrate your innovative ideas for building smart enterprise solutions. Openbravo Business Suite breaks the rigidity of traditional ERP solutions. It helps companies to succeed in today's highly dynamic markets, by using highly productive web user interface and powerful embedded analytics.

Openbravo Business Suite Features

Order to Cash

Increase sales orders processed daily, achieve faster time to cash and improve operational cost savings.

Procure to Pay

Gain better control over your end-to-end procurement process to maximize return on invested capital.

Project to Invoicing

Take control and proactively manage project costs and billing, from conception through to completion. 

Make to Stock

Gain control of your production process for better alignment with your product demand.

Storage to Distribution

Gain efficiency and accuracy in all your warehouse and inventory management activities.

Accounting to Profit

Gain visibility into your financial performance and reduce time during your closing period activities.


NanoMatriX Integration Services for Openbravo

With 3m+ downloads and 1,000s of organizations using Openbravo solutions every day, Openbravo is a world leader in the Open Source enterprise software space. NanoMatriX provides following services to help enterprises to implement agile Openbravo solutions:

  • Openbravo ERP and POS deployment
  • Integrate Openbravo with existing ERP systems
  • Ecommerce and mobile commerce platform integration
  • 3rd Party logistics integration & real-time data synchronization
  • System customization, multiple payment method support
  • Integration with product tracking, authentication and mobile engagement system                


Openbravo Business Platform Benefits

  • Real time visibility and powerful embedded analytics help you be in control of your business.
  • Comprehensive horizontal functionality suitable for different industries
  • Agile system to support your organization’s dynamic business strategies.
  • Highly productive and easy to consume user interface and collaboration tools.
  • Very easy to adapt, extend platform.
  • Web based, mobile platform integrated and cloud ready.
  • Modular design and highly interoperable. 


Openbravo Business Platform Overview and Demo Screenshots 

differentiation, innovation and business process optimization platform



Embedded analytics


Real-time Notifications

Multitasking and spreadsheet familiarity

Openbravo with mobile solutions, mobile friendly platform

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