Creative TrackMatriX® [v]-Engage Overview

TrackMatriX® [v]-Engage is an authentication system which generates specialty QR codes which can be printed against colored back-ground, contain unique IDs (one UID per SKU) with esthetically enhanced look. Every scan or engagement event with a printed or digital [v]-Engage code within the supply chain or by the consumer will be recorded in a database for further consumer behavior or anti-counterfeit action analysis.

TrackMatriX® [v]-Engage is based on a technology which has been picked by Alibaba Group to support secure O2O and improve ecommerce security. It can increase engagement with highly innovative design options. Using TrackMatriX® [v]-Engage codes requires a purpose-built code generator, which is not accessible to counterfeiters.

Beautiful, creative and effective TrackMatriX® [v]-Engage is perfect merge between your product and Brand image. By providing the Customized design to increase brand exposure, TrackMatriX® [v]-Engage could increase customer’s engagement and scans by up to 6-30 times. It could also attract consumers through Offline to Online, Product-to-Mobile campaigns. Secure Product O2O Suite is designed for cost-effective solutions, anti-counterfeiting and secured campaign. Unique visual QR codes per product item make it even hard to reproduce. TrackMatriX® [v]-Engage is a great platform that provides a real-time user’s data reports on brand protection and marketing activities through insightful analytics.

There are two different types of codes that can be generated:

  • [v] codes

Maintain the visibility of the background. They can be read with a generic QR code app.

  • [v+] codes (Dot-less Code)

Allow maximum visibility of the background. To read the [v+] codes an app is required which can take over an instrumental role in a secure O2O or ecommerce authentication strategy.

For the [v] codes (dot-less code)

  • Not a standard QR Code – Requires TrackMatriX® [v]-Engage Secured Reader SDK, increases customers trust in Code’s safety
  • Use both image & dots to hold the data to maintain same functionality with much less dots
  • Great market feedback from brands

TrackMatriX® [v]-Engage Applications

  • Secure login & authentication
  • Social networking & identification
  • Mobile payments & coupons
  • Mobile campaign & ticketing
  • Anti-counterfeiting

TrackMatriX® [v]-Engage Benefits

  • 50-400% more scans
  • Full Branding, Creative
  • Save space
  • Reliable
  • Flexible customization
  • Expected action

TrackMatriX® [v]-Engage Sample Demonstration

the generation of QR codeTrackMatriX® [v]-Engage Codes

attractive TrackMatriX® [v] Engage Codes

attractive TrackMatriX® [v] Engage Codes

TrackMatriX® [v+]-Engage Codes

TrackMatriX® [v] Engage Codes perfectly immerge with the brand logo and corporate image


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