TrackMatriX® Lock - Unique QR Code with Overt & Covert Information

Secret, hidden info in standard QR code for:

  • Eliminate/reduce counterfeits
  • Measure and analyze consumer engagement
  • Optimize inventory control, custom-built security applications

TrackMatriX® Lock only allows you to read a secret message in a standard QR code

TrackMatriX® Lock is an effective 2D barcode to fight the counterfeits. Through using a patented digital authentication technology, it is a double-layered QR code (2D barcode) which can “hide” a covert information in a standard QR code. Therefore, it allows customers to view the general message but only inspectors can see the secret message. In general, there are two sets of information of TrackMatriX® Lock codes:

  • Overt information, can be read by common generic apps via smartphone.
  • Covert, hidden information, which is only accessible by a specific smartphone app.

TrackMatriX® Lock not only can be applied in QR code but also other 2D barcode standards, such as, data matrix. For covert information, it is 128 bits encrypted, PKI or symmetric key, crypto models available. Besides, the code delivery can be done by on-site code generator, secure link and secure email. It helps to deter product diversion and counterfeiting, it also supports cloud-based architecture and provides data capture and exchange with government, enterprise or document management software.

Comparison between Standard 2D Barcode and TrackMatriX® Lock

TrackMatriX® Lock Features

  • 2 Functions in 1 code: Overt and Covert layer for accessibility and authentication
  • Cloud-based architecture support
  • Information security, nearly impossible for fraudsters to create or read
  • Utilize data encryption QR code on documents and packaging
  • Use existing coding and verification equipment
  • Customized app for reading the covert information
  • Track and trace the unique document or products
  • Secure unique serialization of documents and product
  • Micro-marketing data for customers
  • Business data analytics through external applications through secure APIs
  • Create unique serial numbers at all levels of packaging line
  • Aggregation Management, Stock management, such as warehouse management integration, configuration of multi-level aggregation processes 

TrackMatriX® Lock Benefits

  • Flexible Data Export
  • High security
  • Simple and effective offline verification
  • Easy to inspect via smartphone
  • Anti-counterfeiting
  • Strong patent protection
  • Enrich customer engagement

TrackMatriX® Lock Applications

  • Secure O2O document management systems
  • Logistic management
  • Retail management
  • Government applications like ID cards, DMV programs, immigration services
  • Universities and vocational training centers
  • Certificate verification

TrackMatriX® Lock Demonstration

TrackMatriX® Lock Introduction Process

The workflow of TrackMatriX ® Lock 

TrackMatriX® Lock for authenticating the certificate

(The QR code on certificate is scanned via inspector app)

Application of TrackMatriX ® Lock on the certificate verification

Application of TrackMatriX ® Lock on the certificate verificationThe student name (Rahmad Sultan), certificate number (505988) and date (25/01/2016) are only shown via inspector app

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