TrackMatriX® Geo Introduction

The TrackMatriX Solution is designed to protect documents or products using unique, secure marks, which can be verified via smart phone or web app. The project owner / users of the system will be able to manage, view and analyze verification incidents, workflows and alert settings.


With this, the TrackMatriX Solution is capable to address product and document crimes many organizations. A wide range of serialized codes, generic or proprietary QR codes or NFC tags and be used to interlink the physical product or document with the digital representative during the track and trace process. Multiple high-tech secure overt and covert markings can be used to reinforce the organization’s capability to make a difference between original and fake item or any kind of fraud.


We can offer “off-the-rack” verification systems, which can be deployed within a day and authenticate and track small quantities like 100 bottles of wine. At the other side of the spectrum the TrackMatriX Solution has also been used to within highly customized corporate solutions to protect and verify high-value documents serving a global user pool.


What can TrackMatriX® Geo offer?

  1. TrackMatriX® Engine: Comprehensive web application with unique customer account pages for:
  • Administrator to manage
    • User and user permission identity and access management
    • View relevant engagement incident metrics
    • User activity log
  • Code Manager: Order and UID status management
  • Marketing / Campaign Manager: Monitor and analyse campaigns and brand engagement activities
  • Security Manager: Monitor and analyse product security related activities
  1. Management of unique identification numbers (UIDs)
  1. Standard QR-codes containing an address of a World Wide Web page (URL) and unique identification numbers (UIDs)
  • Secure online delivery of
  • QR-codes with variable UID (code only)
  • QR-code merged with other information, delivered as multi-page pdf document
  1. QR codes printed on ready-to-use documents. These documents can be delivered with security printed overt, covert and forensic security features to support offline verification and possible conviction of criminals. These include;
  • Security labels
  • ID documents
  • Certificates
  • Vouchers
  1. Hosting of customized web-pages with a domain name provided by NanoMatriX or by the customer.
  1. Wide range of web-based services which can;
  • detect counterfeiting, parallel trading and other product crimes
  • spark consumer engagement using smartphones
  1. Access to reporting portal to monitor results and support data driven decisions to
  • Identify and act on suspected product crimes
  • System user activity logs
  • Consumer engagement and other inspection incidents
  1. Customized mobile apps for consumer engagement and inspection purpose can be provided.
  1. Expert witness statement services: Additional optional inspection services to verify the authenticity of security printed documents are available, in case further evidence is required to convict criminals.


How does the system work?

Create and Apply QR codes (Customized Technology)

Based on the project objective(s) the landing page URL and the user experience path needs to be determined. A unique identification code (UID) will be appended to each QR code hyperlink, so that the TrackMatriX® Engine can recognize which item has been scanned.  A wide range of use cases can be supported with that system, so that counterfeiting, parallel trading warranty fraud or other product crimes can be deterred.

 Scan action image-2

Monitor Reporting Portal (Data Based Decision Making)

Each time a consumer or inspector is scanning TrackMatriX® Lock code with a generic QR code app the UIDs of the TrackMatriX® Geo code will be captured in the backend in addition with meta data related to scan device (e.g. smart phone) geolocation and behavioral data. Users of the TrackMatriX® Engine reporting portal can monitor marketing campaign engagement and product security status of a single or multiple product or document types. Custom notification thresholds and alerts can be set by the system administrator so that specific user roles will get notified about relevant scan data or scan irregularities.


Engage Customer (Tailor-Made Consumer Engagement)

Users engage with the QR code by scanning it with their smartphone. They are then routed to a customizable landing page. The page can contain any form of marketing campaign; including a brand website link, promotion, coupon, invitation, or any other form of customer engagement.


TrackMatriX® Geo Highlights

  1. Landing Pages: Dynamic content can be displayed at the landing page, once the qR code is scanned. This means the content displayed at the landing page can change depending on
    • The location of scan (different languages)
    • Information connected to the UID of the scanned QR code (specific information about the product or content) or
    • The currently activated marketing campaign (winter or summer promotion)
    • Or other project defined parameter
  2. Build customer relations through next level marketing schemes such as;
    • Push notifications to , for example, “Scan one more QR code, and get 50% off your next purchase”
    • Customized mobile app for registered customers to scan codes and collect points.
  3. Inspector apps for in-field inspection can be provided.
  4. Customer engagement is simple thanks to the widespread use of smartphones
    • Provides easy access to exciting brand content
    • Content only need to be exciting and relevant for customers to engage
  5. The additional covert information gives the product a higher level of security

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