TrackMatriX® Geo

Serialization, Product Security & Consumer Engagement:

  • Real time alerts: global counterfeits detection
  • Product safety by serialization and track and trace
  • Capture consumer behavior and analysis

TrackMatriX® Geo System Overview 

The TrackMatriX® Geo system is a patent pending, self-managed platform for item-by-item serialization with the objective to increase product security and strengthen brand recognition. The system is configured to make it easy for companies to apply non-sequential, encrypted, unique identification numbers (UID) as QR code hyperlinks or other 2D barcodes onto products or product packages.

In this way, the 2D barcode can be scanned economically by logistics personnel to make the shipping status transparent; by the consumers who like to participate in mobile campaign; or simply learn more about the authenticated product and brand. All scanning actions of logistics by employees and online engagement by the consumer will auto-generate a record in the TrackMatriX® Authentication Server. Via a globally accessible web-based reporting portal, the authorized persons of the brand-owner will have instant access to real-time data available for further analysis.

TrackMatriX® Geo advantages

TrackMatriX® Family of Authentication Services

On-demand TrackMatriX® Family of Authentication Services allow customers to issue as many UIDs as they require to themselves and can apply these UIDs by themselves at any location in the world onto security labels provided by NanoMatriX or any other substrate.

Services include

  • Generating on-demand and supplying UIDs online
  • Linking UID with desired product security program or mobile marketing campaign
  • Assigning product security services
  • Mobile campaign settings
  • Fulfillment, distribution, and warehousing of UID-coded label products (if required)

UIDs Printing on Labels & Mobile Authentication 

Unique QR code, UID sample, UIDs printing on labels & mobile authentication

TrackMatriX® Hosting and Reporting Services

The TrackMatriX® Hosting and Reporting Service is designed to create true value for its brand owners where all the relevant data is gathered in real-time and consolidated for further analysis. Multi-level secured access to the system ensures that departments responsible can view the market intelligence gathered by the system promptly in the format they need it. e.g. product security or marketing department can access independently the most relevant data for their assignment. Application interfaces (API) to peripheral systems or databases are optional and can meet in compliance with the strictest IT and data security standards.

Hosting and Reporting Services of TrackMatriX® Offer:

  • Hosting and streaming web content
  • Logistic status tracking
  • Consumer data tracking
  • Counterfeit or parallel trading alerts
  • Mobile campaign reporting

Application Cases

  • Anti-counterfeiting, anti-parallel trading
  • Mobile campaigns
  • Logistic and customer relationship management
  • Warranty card issue and product registration program
  • Loyalty point or membership program

Industry Applications

  • Electronics industry
  • Cosmetics and perfumes
  • Pharmaceutical industry
  • Automobile parts and spare parts
  • Food and beverage
  • Wine and spirits

Product Benefits of TrackMatriX® Geo

  • Quick Up-time
  • Low Support Costs
  • Built-in Reporting system
  • Protect return on investment against counterfeiting
  • Connect and interact with customers
  • Reduce advertisement cost, increase product awareness
  • No app required, for basic application. Custom-build-app can be provided

TrackMatriX® Geo Sample Illustration

How does TrackMatriX® works?

Working flow of Trackmatrix Geo

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