TrackMatriX® Lock: Patented Secure Tracking QR Code with Overt/Covert Data

TrackMatriX® Lock is a secure anti-counterfeit QR code containing overt and covert information. The technology is patented worldwide and is designed to protect against counterfeiting and forgery.

Perfect for:

  • Contracts
  • Certificates
  • Products
  • e-License Management
  • Tax and Excise Stamps

The technology allows for high rate of engagement of citizens and consumers, which helps to generate marketing relevant data and improves product and document security with a high rate of inspection incidents.

Dynamic inspection strategies can be deployed by using a dedicated inspection app. Optionally the decryption module for secret info reading for Android / iOS app, web apps or logistic devices. Offline verification is possible.

TrackMatriX® Lock codes can be delivered and integrated in the TrackMatriX® Plans SaaS platform and delivered on security  labels or certificates or online for self-printing available.

Key benefits are of this anti-counterfeit and consumer engagement solution:

  • Can by used by every consumer with any smartphone
  • Code delivery choices of
    • Online / digital only  
    • On custom-designed security labels or certificates  
  • Impossible to clone serial number sequences
  • Rapid project implementation: Up-and-running in weeks, rather than months
  • Security printing technology, which does not require security ink
  • Standard 300 dpi print resolution sufficient

References users are

  • Fortune 500 companies
  • Brand owners from all industries
  • Tax stamp issuing government departments
  • Educational institutes and certification bodies


TrackMatriX® Lock Code with Secret Information

TrackMatriX<sup>®</sup> Lock  Unique QR Code with Overt & Covert Information-1




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