HSA Security Coupons and Vouchers

Detail-oriented, fully branded security design for voucher to

  • Stop losing money due to counterfeits
  • Fast, efficient verification methods for F&B, FMCG and Retails
  • Maintain a high brand reputation

HSA Security Coupon Demonstration

Fine-designed Anti-counterfeit Vouchers

Right now, voucher security is a growing concern globally. NanoMatriX is constantly working to develop new security measures to make your voucher tickets harder to duplicate. Anti-counterfeit vouchers contain security features, which make counterfeiting or imitation of originals difficult or impossible. NanoMatriX provides turnkey projects to deliver custom-made secure vouchers and coupons with a wide range of anti-counterfeiting printed security features and security paper choices. We can offer:

  • Security graphic design services to create or improve strong protection against copying and imitating
  • Security inks and security taggants for overt and covert authentication
  • Online authentication and verification via TrackMatriX® Authentication System
  • Security paper with security fibers and other security features

  • Invisible code for voucher
  • invisible code for voucher
  • Gasoline Coupon
  • Fuel Coupon

We can include the following features at security voucher

  • Customized security line / thread
  • Security hologram
  • Embossed anti-counterfeiting pattern
  • Micro-text / Nano-text
  • Security taggant ink (Transparent color)
  • Security ink, such as thermochromic ink, photochromic ink, etc
  • Sequential numbering barcode
  • Specialty or security paper
  • Scratch-off coat
  • Online tracking service for document verification

Anti-counterfeit Vouchers Benefits

  • Quality management (ISO 9001:2015)
  • Wide range of custom-designed vouchers with anti-counterfeiting security features available
  • Verify coupons' authenticity in a simple and quick way
  • Enhance brand recognition
  • Measure the campaign effectiveness via engagement reporting portal
  • Customer focused project management
  • Short delivery times
  • Value-added services available

Security Coupon & Voucher Applications

  • Retail Coupons
  • Cash Coupons
  • Fuels/ Petrol/ Gasoline Coupons
  • Supermarket Coupons
  • Restaurant Cash Coupon
  • Grocery Coupons
  • Drinks Vouchers 
  • Fast Food Cash Coupons

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