Secure Your Certificate with Exquisite Design

Exquisite, fully branded anti-counterfeiting design solutions secure your certificate:

  • Protect your invisible reputation
  • Stop certificate frauds and immorally cheating
  • Lifetime quality assurance

Tamper-resistance Security Certificates Overview 

"Fake qualifications" have really become a worldwide problem. Fake certificates can damage the reputation of well-established organizations that observe strict rules when issuing certificates. With industry estimates pointing to a 30-35 % rise year-on-year in the number of fake certificates in circulation. Fake qualifications industry expands into lucrative new areas. Fake certificates are also likely to cause serious harm to individuals, e.g. when they receive treatment from a medical doctor who decided to get a PhD via a shortcut, rather than through the authorized educational channel. Meanwhile, the fake certificates will cause much damage to the local and international reputations of affected instructions.

We Provide Certificates Containing

  • Security graphic design services to improve or create strong copy protection
  • Online authentication and verification via TrackMatriX® Authentication System
  • Security paper with watermark and other security features
  • Holographic hotstamp, stripe or laminates
  • Security inks especially designed for long-term document authentication
  • Lifetime protection against adulteration

Security Certificates Features

  • Security ink, such as thermochromic ink, color changing ink, taggant ink, etc.
  • Security paper with custom-specified security features
  • Engraving intaglio / gravure hand-feel wording.
  • Guilloche pattern. 
  • Micro-text / Nano-text.
  • Sequential numbering barcode.

Security Certificates Benefits

  • Wide range of anti-counterfeiting certificates specifications and security features available
  • Short delivery times
  • Customer focused project management
  • Quality management (ISO 9001:2008)
  • Competent and friendly customer service

Security Certificates Sample Demonstration

International college of business certificate with security graphic and TrackMatriX Lock code

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