Innovative Security Features for ID Cards

We provide custom made, ICAO approved ID card designs, whilst also offering you:
  • Independent security document design expertise
  • Competent consulting to improve or modify design or security features
  • ID card printing, personalization and verification equipment

Custom-Designed ID Card Solutions Compliant with International Travel Standards 

ID Cards Description

NanoMatriX is one of the leading anti-counterfeit technology providers. We create consumer focused strategies for businesses by designing ID cards to avoid any fraudulent use of identity.

We are committed to comply with card specification for different use cases and meet standards for Machine Readable Travel Documents (MRTD’s) as specified by the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) and other authorities. We ensure our cards' durability, with an optional, custom-made transparent holographic laminates which further improve the security of the card. We also can provide security stripe, patch and threads with a wide range of overt, covert, machine readable or forensic features.

In-house custom security design graphic development with proprietary security graphic software. Gorgeous security graphics created are extremely difficult or impossible to replicate or imitate by counterfeiters. The graphic features can be combined in same substrate including:

  • Guilloche
    • Form of two or even more to generate specific patterns by mathematical algorithms.
  • Relief graphic
    • Form of line patterns with line width modulation, wavy line patterns and which can enhance convex and three-dimensional display effect of graphics.
  • Micro-text
    • Extremely small text for authentication. The texts are not visually recognized without magnifying tools. Counterfeiter reproduction machine unable to identify and copy the micro-text but in dotted or solid line because of downgrading resolution after scanning or photocopying

Technical Consultancy

NanoMatriX offers cutting edge solutions to our clients. We offer the best customizable ID card specifications and designs to help clients to maximize clients’ corporate images and reduce the risk of identity fraud. Our client satisfaction is one of our top priorities, as well as delivering a highly secure form of identity.

Card Sample Design

Front side of the ICAO compliant with personal information of the citizen

Front side of the ICAO compliant with personal information of the citizen

Backside of the ID card shows the accurate MRZ values

backside of the ID card shows the accurate MRZ values

 ID card with holographic laminate (1)

ID card with holographic laminate (1)

 ID card with holographic laminate (2)

ID card with holographic laminate (2)

 Security graphic features used in the ID card sample


Available Substrate Specifications

Paper substrate: Paper, coated paper

Plastic substrate: PP, PC, PVC, PET, others

Laminate: Transparent holographic, non-holographic

AvailableSophisticated Security Features

Delivery Format

  • As single cards
  • As sheets (e.g. A3 or A4 sheets)
  • In rolls

Why NanoMatriX? 

  • Compliance with International Civil Aviation Organization(ICAO) standards
  • Flexible package with holographic laminate
  • Design as per request of customer
  • Overt, Covert, Forensic security features
  • Experienced in turnkey project
  • Competent and friendly customer service

NanoMatriX creates, develops, and evolve products and solutions for brand protection & customer engagement. We offer the best-of-breed materials, components and security features for optimizing your business solutions. NanoMatriX designs what you desired.


We offer customized solutions, meeting clients’ requirements and protecting their invisible assets, and they will always come back for more.


We make the world safer by ensuring the authenticity of identities as well as tangible and intangible assets


We achieve this through solid experience, deep technical knowledge and advanced technologies
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