Protecting Government Documents  

Sophisticated security designs for government documents. We provide

  • Independent security document design expertise
  • Competent consulting team to improve or modify design or security features
  • Value added services: Document print services or personalization and verification equipment

Professional Design in Government Documents

NanoMatriX is an expert and reliable partner in providing highly counterfeit resilient security graphic design service, our innovative design avoids criminal activity can any illegal uses of personal data. Identity fraud and identity theft happen more than ever before in worldwide. Fraudsters wrongly obtain and use another person's personal data for any fraud or deception, but we protect documents holder against economic loss and crime that commit by fraudsters.

We have international experiences in cooperating with project partners from many regions and countries. With our professional design services, we supported government documents designs such as Identity card, Visa, resident certificate, theses professional designs must be valid and compliance with various international standards. Our experts comply with the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) standard 9303 and high security documents such as visa, passport, national identity card. These documents involve a wide variety of security features below,

  • Custom-designed high security hologram
  • TrackMatriX® Lock
  • Security ink
  • Micro text
  • Security fibers
  • Security graphic features

Gorgeous Security graphic design features

They are created by specialist software for high security printing which is extremely difficult or impossible to replicate or imitate by counterfeiters. The graphic features vary and can be combined in same substrate.

Multilayer composite guilloche security graphic

Guilloche is form of two or even more to generated specific patterns by mathematical algorithms. The structure of design is intricate and repetitive pattern which can prevent any copying or re-creation. With our proprietary security graphic design software, we can create custom, multi-facetted security guilloches with high esthetic value.


Security graphic with microtext

Microtext is small text for authentication. Mircotext cannot be read by eye without magnifying glass. Human recognize the graphics as solid lines. Counterfeiter reproduction machine unable to identify and copy the mirco-text but in dotted or solid line because of downgrading resolution after scanning or photocopying.


Butterfly relief security graphic

Relief graphic is in the form of line patterns with line width modulation, wavy line patterns and which can enhance convex and three-dimensional display effect of graphics.


Engraved butterfly security graphic

Engraved graphic is a combination of special line patterns and graphics to form a graphic in split lines. Unique structure and hard for counterfeiters to duplicate the pattern. Split lines appear when magnifying glass is used.


Butterfly latent image security graphic

Latent image contains anti-counterfeiting features to hidden pattern or text. Integration of parallel lines, Guilloche and patterns as a hidden anti-counterfeiting to covert information. The hidden image or text appeared when observe the image with specific optical angle.

Security Graphic Design in government documents benefits

  • Professional graphic consulting service
  • High security
  • Compliance in international standards
  • Short delivery times
  • Competent and friendly customer service


NanoMatriX creates, develops, and evolve products and solutions for brand protection & customer engagement. We offer the best-of-breed materials, components and security features for optimizing your business solutions. NanoMatriX designs what you desired.


We offer customized solutions, meeting clients’ requirements and protecting their invisible assets, and they will always come back for more


We make the world safer by ensuring the authenticity of identities as well as tangible and intangible assets


We achieve this through solid experience, deep technical knowledge and advanced technologies
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