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 Experts in FMCG, F&B, luxury goods and other industries. We provide

  • Independent security graphic design house services
  • Security design, perfect in line with corporate / brand image
  • Value added services: Label printing, application and verification system and services.

Security Graphic Design Elevates Perceived Brand Value 

Are you weary of dull and poor graphic design on your products? Do you look for sophisticated and gorgeous graphic design label? Graphic design represents brand image of a company, more beautiful and consistent they are, better brand image the company gain, the importance in graphic design should not be ignored.

NanoMatriX, as one of the forerunners in anti-counterfeiting industry, are currently launching new security graphic design services, the explicit services which combine design and anti-counterfeiting features. Our in-house designers are well-trained personnel equipped with graphic design knowledge, we offer professional consultation service for security graphic design and create graphics with specialist software that the graphic designs cannot be replicated or imitated by counterfeiters. Security graphic features such as guilloche, relief, micro text, engraved, these can be well-developed by our designers whilst maintain consistency in company brand images.


Flexible service options allow brand owners to choose whether they need independent or integrated design services only or utilize also our security printing capabilities.

How Our Labels Designed?

Customizable self-adhesive security labels offering multi-layer security features. In terms of label specification, we are able to meet almost any requirement and industry standard for labels with security features. Wine label we offer specific security features on it. We have several steps in planning and designing the security labels:

 Step 1

Decide security label substrate and template.

Examples of substrate

  • Polyester (PET)
  • Paper
  • PVC
  • PP/PE

Step 2

Determining the appropriate security features applied in the label.

Choice of security features:

  • Overt feature (Security features recognizable with human senses, no tools required:

Custom-designed holograms, thermochromics ink, color change ink, watermarking, security graphic design such as Guilloché and relief, engraved.

  • Covert feature (require tools to be detected such as special lights, detectors, microscope, etc.):

Watermarking with optional UV fluorescence, highly secure Taggant -MatriX-Mark ™, (Covert & forensic tracer), watermarking, TrackMatriX ®Lock, Invisible barcode, security graphic design such as microtext and latent image.

  • Forensic feature (Need to detect in laboratory):

Taggant -MatriX-Mark™

Step 3:

Print project implementation. The design will be printed following strict security printing protocol and delivered in-time after it has passed strict quality control procedures compliant with ISO 9001:2015 quality management standard.  

Security Graphic Features in Security Label

NanoMatriX’s in-house security graphic design department crafts a context-relevant security graphic design for a wide spectrum of applications in various industries with a specialist software, our professional team can serve for industries below,

  • Consumer goods
  • Electronics products
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Dispatch note in the supply chain
  • Address label
  • Gorgeous Security graphic design features

They are created by specialist software for high security printing which is extremely difficult or impossible to replicate or imitate by counterfeiters. The graphic features vary and can be combined in same substrate.
Multilayer composite guilloche security graphic

Guilloche is form of two or even more to generated specific patterns by mathematical algorithms. The structure of design is intricate and repetitive pattern which can prevent any copying or re-creation. With our proprietary security graphic design software, we can create custom, multi-facetted security guilloches with high esthetic value.


Security graphic with microtext

Microtext is small text for authentication. Mircotext cannot be read by eye without magnifying glass. Human recognize the graphics as solid lines. Counterfeiter reproduction machine unable to identify and copy the mirco-text but in dotted or solid line because of downgrading resolution after scanning or photocopying.



Relief graphic is in the form of line patterns with line width modulation, wavy line patterns and which can enhance convex and three-dimensional display effect of graphics.

engrave2 (1).jpg

Engraved graphic is a combination of special line patterns and graphics to form a graphic in split lines. Unique structure and hard for counterfeiters to duplicate the pattern. Split lines appear when magnifying glass is used.



Latent image contains anti-counterfeiting features to hidden pattern or text. Integration of parallel lines, Guilloche and patterns as a hidden anti-counterfeiting to covert information. The hidden image or text appeared when observe the image with specific optical angle.

Security Graphic Design Benefits in Security Label

  • Professional security graphic design
  • International experience to develop user-case specific anti-counterfeiting designs
  • Enhancing brand image
  • Customer-oriented design
  • Short delivery time
  • Competent and friendly customer service

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