High Performance Security Fibers

Security fibers are custom-designed components which are added during the security paper production. It will be embedded in the paper during manufacturing and are non-reproducible. When they are distributed in the paper, they can be found under the natural light, they can fluoresce (such as red) under the long-wave ultraviolet light and fluoresce (another color such as green) under the short-wave ultraviolet light. Security fibers are made of PET, PA or viscose material and can be specified by one or several combined security features:

  • Visual appearance: single or multiple colors
  • Invisible features: UV, IR responsiveness
  • Responsiveness to environmental changes: thermochromic or chemical responsive, bleeding

There are three major types of the fibers:

  • Visible security fiber (such as red, green, blue, also called visible fiber)
  • Invisible security fiber (also called colorless UV fluorescent security fiber), it can fluoresce (such as red, green, blue) under the ultraviolet light
  • Composite fiber: There are more than one anti-counterfeit features on a fiber which can be made by customer's order.

We can provide security fibers according with a wide range of physical properties in terms of length, thickness, dtex, and shape.

Striking Security Fibers Benefits

  • Wide range of security fibers available
  • Short delivery times
  • Competent and friendly customer service

Striking Security Fibers Demonstration

Microscopic images of security fibers

microscopic security fibers sample

UV-fluorescent security fibers under UV light
Multi-color security fibers under UV light, yellow color security fiber


Learn more about how you can secure your important products and documents with our high performance security fibers.

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