Customized Security Paper 

Security paper is a paper that combine features which could identify or authenticate a document, or feature demonstrate whether the product has been tampered. Security paper has been and will continue for decades to be a very important product to certify authenticity of important documents of value and identity. Security paper can host a number of security features which cannot easily be added or simulated by counterfeiters such as:

  • Watermark (multi-tone and/or electrolyte)
  • Pulp composition and mixing ratio
  • Security fibers or planchettes
  • Chemical marker or tracing material

Security Paper Features

We can provide security paper ranging from 50 -300 gsm paperweight, include the following features in security paper: 

  • Customized watermark.
  • Customized security line / thread.
  • Security pigment (It can only be detected by UV light.)
  • Visible / Invisible security fiber (cotton pulp or other material).
  • Special fluorescent / non-fluorescent security paper.
  • Etc. 

Product Applications

  • Passports and ID cards
  • Certificates (title of ownership, vehicle registration, etc.)
  • Checks (CBS1 and other specification)
  • Tickets and vouchers
  • Transport documents
  • Non-Judicial
  • Tailor made specification

Security Paper Benefits

  • Wide range of security papers available
  • Short delivery times
  • Customer focused project management
  • Competent and friendly customer service

Security Paper Sample Demonstration
security paper with wallpaper pattern watermark, Portrait waterproof anti-counterfeiting paper

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