Thermochromic Ink - Protecting your brand with special color effects 

Thermochromic Ink – An Ink that Changes Color as the Temperature Changes

Thermochromic inks are a type of dye which changes color in response to temperature fluctuations. It can be applied to a variety of products: such as vouchers, tickets, certificates, tax stamps and others. It can be used to authenticate the genuine goods when the color appears correctly. There are two different categories of thermochromic inks:

  • Irreversible inks
    • Invisible to color
  • Reversible inks
    • Color to invisible
    • Color to color
    • Invisible to color
    • Tri-thermochromic ink, Color to color to invisible

Irreversible Ink - Invisible to Color

Since a certain temperature is reached, the color will remain unchanged forever

This security ink changes appearance when exposed to diverse temperatures. The thermochromic effect is irreversible and changes from transparent in to colored ink. Once a certain temperature is reached, the color will remain unchanged.

  • Temperature change points: 65°C, 80°C, 100°C, 130°C
  • Start of color change to full color development: +/-5°C
  • Type of security: Covert
  • Printing technology: Flex, gravure or screen printing
  • Ink type: Water based
  • Product package: Can, 1 kg
  • Authentication method: Color appearance changes when exposed beyond certain temperature
  • Others: Short delivery time
  • Available Color: Black, Red, Blue 




Reversible Ink

Color change when the temperature is increased, then will be appear as original color when the temperature is decreased.

The color of ink depends on the condition temperature, and each change in temperatures leads to different colors. This thermochromic effect is reversible. Once the temperature is reduced below a certain temperature change point, the original color appears. It can be divided into "color to invisible", “color to color” and “invisible to color”.  Here is the color change chart:

thermochromic ink.jpg

Tri-thermochromic Ink – Color to color to invisible

Security ink is able to change color appearances twice when exposed to temperatures beyond two different temperature change points. Effect is reversible. It can be "color to color to invisible".

  • Temperature change points: 25 - 35°C
  • Start of color change to full color development: +/-5°C
  • Type of security: Covert/ Overt
  • Printing technology: Offset (wet or dry), letterpress, gravure, flexo and screen
  • Ink type: Water based, UV curing
  • Product package: Can, 1 kg
  • Authentication method: Color appearance changes two times when exposed beyond certain temperature change points and returns to same colors at lower temperature
  • Others: Short delivery time
  • Available Color: Purple->Blue-> Invisible, Grey->Green->Yellow, Brown->Orange->Yellow, Brown->Green->Yellow

Thermochromic Ink Features

  • Color changes when the temperature goes up or down
  • Effect can be reversible
  • Available in several different colors and temperature ranges
  • Can be targeted to a specific transition temperature
  • Graphics and text can be hidden

Thermochromic Ink Benefits

  • Short delivery time
  • Quality management (ISO 9001:2015)
  • Anti-counterfeiting
  • Brand Protection

Thermochromic Ink Applications

  • Food safety
  • Ticket for verification
  • Cosmetics for authentication

Thermochromic Ink Demonstration

Tri-thermochromic inks shows the color changes under diverse temperatures of water

thermochromic ink color change.jpg


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