MatriX-Mark™ High Security Covert and Forensic Protection

High-level covert-forensic MatriX-Mark to assist or help:

  • Eliminate loss from counterfeits
  • Strong and quick verification
  • Protect against tampering, counterfeiting, returning fraud and diversion




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MatriX-Mark: Unique Covert Feature Mark Your Value Document & Packaging 

MatriX-Mark are proven covert and forensic protection against counterfeiting. They are very small inorganic particles which can be mixed into coatings, inks or even injection molded parts. It is an optically active ceramic security taggants which can improve document and product supply chain security against counterfeiting. These inorganic and active micro-trace particles can be applied onto a wide variety of materials. Custom-made detectors are used to analyze the presence of taggants and provide simple “yes/no” detection. Additional forensic security features can be added upon request.

MatriX-Mark: Protect Against 

  • Counterfeit/ Forgery
  • Dilution/ Refilling
  • Diversion/ Grey Market Activities

MatriX-Mark™ Features 

  • Inorganic: No performance impact by age or exposure to strong UV radiation
  • Tough: Sustained pressure even in intaglio printing process
  • Chemical resistant: Withstood chemical resistant tests for banknote use                          
  • Temperature resistant: Melting point above 1000°C
  • Particle size: 500 nm to 15 micrometers (depending on application) – difficult to detect
  • Complex formulation: Extremely difficult to re-engineer
  • Involves proprietary well researched methods of forensic detection: Useful in court of law
  • All printing technologies: Offset, rotogravure, flexo, screen, intaglio, inkjet, laser, thermal transfer ribbon

What makes MatriX-Mark™ so special?

Our taggants are invisible using IR laser pens. The conventional IR upconverters are visible using IR pens, therefore it is easy to counterfeit. Taggant cannot be verified without our own proprietary taggant detector. Multiple types of covert taggant are available. Handheld taggant or multi-taggant detector is available for in-field yes/no taggant detection.

IR Upconverter VS Mark-MatriX™ Taggant

  • Sophisticated Feature Use in Court of Law

Forensic feature (elemental signature) offers infinitively different unique taggant options, which can only be verified by a laboratory, and can be used in court of law.

  • Quick, Fast Verification Methods & Calibrated Devices Available

Custom designs possible. Sophisticated method for verification, custom calibration can be offered. Many different taggant detection systems available. Automatic and high-speed detection devices are available.

  • Consistent High Performance in Challenging Use Cases

The performance of inorganic taggant will not change over time, nor under extreme exposure to UV light. Inorganic taggants are perfectly suitable for use in chemical and physical harsh conditions. Detector work also from distance (through glass) or through optically transparent material (thin paper).

  • No Change to Ink Performance

The inorganic optically active taggants can be mixed into any type of ink. In almost all cases the color appearance of the ink will not change, nor the physical or chemical performance of the ink itself.

Wide varieties of Project Applications in MatriX-Mark™

Government Project Applications

  • Passports
  • Marking of taxable items (tax stamp, taxes paid stickers, etc.)
  • Security government documents
  • Revenue collection schemes

Commercial Project Applications

  • Security labels
  • Entry tickets security
  • Certificate
  • Luxury items
  • Food and & beverage
  • Medical devices
  • Automotive parts: plastic parts, inkjet printed
  • Ensure the use of original refills: for printer, capsule coffee machines, etc.
  • Process control: correct amount of optical coating is applied on functional foil

Security Taggant Ink Sample Demonstration

Wide application of taggant - Applied to paper, wood box, tax stamp and woven label

Taggank Ink Application


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