Photochromic Ink & Pigment

Photochromic Ink & Pigment - Attracting the most attention during exposure to the sun

Photochromic inks have extremely strong security reliability. It is invisible under artificial light and will appear visible once exposed to normal sunlight or UV or black light. This effect is reversible. Once the ink is not exposed to sunlight or UV light, the ink will return to the transparent appearance within one or two minutes. Suitable for anti-counterfeiting products, vouchers, tickets, certificates, tax stamps and others.

Photochromic Ink Application Demonstration


Photochromic Pigment Sample Demonstration

Photochromic Ink & Pigment Introduction

  • Type of security: Covert
  • Printing technology: Offset, flexo, gravure and screen printing
  • Ink type: Water based, UV curing
  • Color effect: Invisible to blue, purple, or yellow to green
  • Delivery as: Can, 1 kg
  • Authentication method: Just expose printed area to sunlight or to UV light
  • Others: Short delivery times

Photochromic Ink & Pigment Features

  • Coating is clear until exposed to UV (sun) light and then color is seen
  • Effect is reversible
  • Great for novelty applications – interaction with packaging
  • Usable as a security device

Photochromic Ink & Pigment Benefits

  • Short delivery times
  • Customer focused project management
  • Quality management (ISO 9001:2015)
  • Competent and friendly customer service
  • Any order quantity is welcome.

  • Photochromic Ink & Pigment
  • Photochromic Ink & Pigment

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