High Precision Covert Feature Inspection Systems

Our proven high quality taggant detection systems are custom-built and easy to operate. The taggant HSD (High Security Detectors) at NanoMatriX are able to discriminate against non-authentic IR materials. What’s more, the HSD can differentiate between different types of taggants and up-converters. The detectors use precise verification methods for quick and accurate proof of authenticity.

NanoMatriX offers an array of taggant inspection devices to meet any requirements. Our sophisticated production method guarantees high quality taggant detection systems few companies can master.

Taggant HSD High Security Feature Inspection Device

NAnomatrixTaggant HSD Specifications

  • In-field battery operated inspection device
  • Multi-taggant detection device: Multiple pre-programmed taggant signals can be detected
  • Multi-signal output: Audio, recorded voice, vibration, indicator light, beep, etc.
  • Remote calibration and technical support options available
  • Long-life battery with up to 10,000 verifications / charge
  • Discrimination against common IR upconverters and non-MatriX-Mark™  taggants possible
  • Instrument Application: Measures different types of taggants, substrate (paper, hologram, etc.) in different reading conditions (distance, detect through glass/paper, etc.)

Illustration of Taggant HSD Operation





  • Battery: Built-in, rechargeable with USB
  • Silicone sleeves: detector with branded silicone sleeves, pantone colors, custom print Lanyard: Pantone color, different material and single or custom color print
  • Key-ring

Note: Detectors with extra-long life as well as other accessories to make end-user applications easier to use are available upon request. 

  • Short delivery times
  • Customer focused project management
  • Quality management (ISO 9001:2015)
  • Competent and friendly customer service
Use Cases

The range of taggant inspection instruments is constantly evolving to meet specific use-case requirements. Here some examples: Taggant Detecting Barcode Reader, Inline Taggant Detector, and High-Speed Reading of Barcodes with Taggant Ink.

Interlock Taggant Detecting Barcode Scanner

Interlock Taggant Detecting Barcode Scanner

Taggant Detecting Barcode Scanner

  • Inspection Field: Advanced tagging verification with built-in barcode scanning system.
  • Optional Output signals: Barcode reader calibrated to read only barcode marked with taggants
  • Product Feature: Only read a barcode or any machine-readable code
  • Instrument Application: Dynamic application in supply chain environment products/documents to confirm authenticity fast with high degree of accuracy

Inline Taggant Detector

Inline taggant detector

Inline Taggant Detector

  • Inspection Field: Advanced testing and reading capabilities
  • Optional Output signals: Detecting presence of taggants in printing or sorting facilities
  • Product Feature: The output signals can be integrated into any modern QC or production planning system
  • Instrument Application: detector in place (progress): printing machines, mail sorting systems

Visualizer - Visualized Invisible Taggant Prints




Visualizer to make invisible or visible prints containing MatriX-Mark™ security pints visible

  • Inspection Field: Advanced testing and reading capabilities
  • Optional Output signals: Capture totally invisible barcodes for supply chain management
  • Product Feature: An industrial grade, can be recognized and decoded accurately
  • Instrument Application: Support supply chain management for documents and products

Other New Detectors available!

  • Mini detector
  • Bluetooth detector


Handheld detector




Bluetooth HSD detectors

Bluetooth HSD detectors to inspect presence of MatriX-Mark™ Security feature and deliver proof of presence via mobile app.


Taggant Handheld Reader Real Case Application

Taggant Handheld Reader

Taggant detector systems has been widely used in entry ticket verification


 Taggant detector systems has been widely used in document verification”

Taggant detector systems has been widely used in document verification





Learn more about how you can secure your important products and documents with MatriX-Mark™ high security detection systems.

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