Matrix-Mark™ Taggant for Plastic Parts & Cable Brand Security

Seamlessly Integrate Security into Your Product

MatriX-Mark™ Taggants can be added into injection molded plastic components, such as plastic pallets or cable insulation. As MatriX-Mark™ Taggants do not change the color or appearance of the plastic, they can be used in any color of plastic, including transparent plastic.

By integrating this strong and unique anti-counterfeiting solution MatriX-Mark™ Taggants Plastic Pallets into the materials themselves, the products are protected effectively. It is one of the strongest product protection measure as only few materials can be used within products without changing the properties (chemical makeup) or function of the products.

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Matrix-Mark™ Taggant Features

  • Inorganic: No performance impact by age or exposure to strong UV radiation
  • Temperature resistant: Melting point above 1000°C
  • Taggants can be integrated into any type of plastic
  • Tough: Sustained pressure even in intaglio printing process
  • Chemical resistant: Withstood chemical resistant tests for banknote use
  • Complex formulation: Extremely difficult to re-engineer
  • Involves proprietary well-researched methods of forensic detection: Useful in a court of law

Matrix-Mark™ Taggant Applications

  • Electronic components
  • Household electronics
  • Casino tokens, chips, plagues
  • Pharmaceutical packaging
  • Insulation of Ethernet cables
  • Injection molded items
  • 3D printed materials

At NanoMatriX, we have multiple taggant types that you can deploy to enforce strong and viable brand protection strategies.

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