MatriX-Mark HERO™ Pigment: High Security Multi-Covert UV, IR & Forensic Features  

The HERO™ pigment series is a very unique covert & forensic security pigments to protect documents of value and products against counterfeiting: 

  • One single pigment creates multiple colors when exposed to different types of IR light or different types of UV light
  • Pigments can be applied in all ink colors, suitable for all printing technologies
  • Unique-custom-formulated forensic security features can be optionally added
  • Wide range of standard or custom-designed pigment types available
  • Mobile detectors to qualify multi-response characteristics accurately available.

NanoMatriX can help firms to protect their products and documents against counterfeiting threats by providing a tailor-made authentication system with unique HERO™ pigments can be used in a wide range of applications.

Better solution, elevated protection

NanoMatriX offers HERO™ pigments, encompassing inorganic luminescent particles, which convert incoming invisible lights and emits multiple other invisible light. With this pigment, our customers can introduce multiple security features such into their ink with only using one pigment, such as (1) UV-short blue, (2) UV-long red, (3) IR orange, (4) taggant response and a (5) forensic feature. Again, all these features can be performed by one type of HERO™ pigment. Other custom-features can be constructed, based on use-case required.

The multi-response characteristics of the HERO™ pigments can be can measured by custom-built detection systems for highly precise verification in the field or during the printing process.

A wide range of detectors for various use-cases are available as well. In this way, the ultra-covert pigment series will provide the highest possible protection for document and product protection.

Protect your assets with NanoMatriX custom-designed solutions

Over the past years, many of the world’s leading brands and monetary institutions place trust in our advisory role while we meet their product and currency security needs with covert security elements and detection systems. Contact our anti-counterfeiting experts today to learn how we design a tailor-made solution that inspires your customers.

MatriX-Mark HERO™ Pigments Features

  • A wide range custom-designed HERO™ pigment types available
  • Melting point: Above 1000°C
  • Particle size range (Dv90): 500 nm to 15µm
  • Unique-custom-formulated forensic security features
  • Compatible with all printing technologies
  • UV-Resistant: Inorganic inert to UV radiation

MatriX-Mark HERO™ Pigments Benefits

  • Counterfeit resilient: Complex formulation
  • Optionally forensic security feature for legal evidence
  • Multiple detectors and detection systems support
  • Quality management (ISO 9001:2008)

MatriX-Mark HERO™ Pigments Applications

  • Banknotes
  • Passports
  • ID cards
  • Tax stamps
  • Product markings
  • Certificates
  • Warehouse receipts
  • Electronic components
  • Luxury items

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