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In recent years, a central bank in a large Asian country has made significant licensing payments for using a monopoly of patented features in banknotes. As part of a national campaign to improve the competitive government bidding process and for good governance, the central bank decided to broaden the supply base for key security features. 

NanoMatriX has lobbied successfully for alternative feature specifications with the responsible departments and supported an alternative supplier to clarify the patent situation, thereby contributing significantly to the revised procurement specifications. NanoMatriX has provided guidance throughout the supplier qualification process to ensure a seamless transition process from monopoly to multiple supplier specification.


  • Working on multiple denominations
  • Managing patent situations
  • Meeting visual comparisons as well as technical specifications
  • Meeting tight timelines for schedule delivery of each denomination


  • Successfully lobbied for alternative feature specifications in coming tenders
  • Proposed alternative technical specification yet visually comparable features
  • Collaborated with qualified paper mills to participate in the tenders
  • Managed delivery schedules to the paper mills
  • Contracts successfully closed


  • Central bank benefited from IP-free procurement
  • Central bank benefited from tremendous cost savings
  • Alternative feature suppliers and paper mills were qualified
  • Improved procurement specifications for future procurement procedures
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