Tax Stamp Projects

2016 - Consulting, Design and Production

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NanoMatriX is expert in tax stamp project management - consulting, design, production – designs related mobile verification solutions. For these client cases, NanoMatriX has proposed security graphics, holographic and printing features prior to the tenders. NanoMatriX also designs various covert features and track-and-trace mobile verification programs that complement existing tax stamp programs. Here, the track-and-trace programs permit several possibilities of data reporting for authorities, label activation, supply management and distribution (re-order and to downstream users).


  • Designing multiple security graphics, often on limited print area
  • Unique paper features such as visible and invisible fibers have to be sourced
  • Designing verification features concurrently via smartphone and SMS platform
  • Codes may include all data: manufacture, product, volume, manufactured dates, batch numbers
  • MIS data include: revenue collection, sticker issuance summary etc.
  • Administration reports should contain: dashboards, audit trail, transactional statistics management, activation periods
  • Proposing multiple-tier features to replace current single feature tax stamp stripes in some countries


  • Designed and rollout of various tiers of security features and verification methods
  • Using TrackMatriX® Lock to support various layers of data; both confidential and public
  • Support client inspectors with intensive security training and materials 


  • Comprehensive data reports for authorities and administration made possible
  • Mobile features could not be copied locally
  • Authentication methods and design features made much more sophisticated
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