Micro-payment (Transport)  

From Concept to Service Rollout 

transport.jpgNanoMatriX is the QR code micro-payment innovator. The service is being implemented as a test pilot in a densely populated district in a large ASEAN nation, later to be expanded to nearby districts within the country. From the product concept to service rollout, NanoMatriX has been instrumental in planning the rollout of transport cards, on-demand delivery of TrackMatriX® Lock codes, providing the App for verification, managing credit points, APIs to user status and payment gateway, cloud hosting and system security, and user log functions. 


  • Marketing the transport and loyalty program, how the programs works and why this scheme is cost-beneficial to them and risk-free of data exposure 
  • Training a totally new fleet of drivers, in operating the scan devices and checking the validity of each passenger member card
  • On-demand code delivery, card printing and issuing member cards to users 
  • Verification of member cards to show the rightful owner and that fees have been paid, that such data could not be manipulated
  • Personal data not to be displayed during scanning by participating drivers. Data would not be replicated by outside parties 
  • Driver to check that passenger will not be allowed on board, if verified that the fee has not been paid. Data would not be falsified.


  • Supplied on-demand delivery of TrackMatriX® Lock codes for flexible use during member signup
  • Provided the drivers the App for verification, managing credit points 
  • Configured the network APIs to user status and payment gateway, cloud hosting and system security, and user log functions.  
  • Confidential data only assessable by program organizer, not the drivers or any third party  


  • On-demand code delivery ensures minimal fixed costs   
  • Members enjoy transport and loyalty schemes without concern that their personal data will be revealed
  • Organizers can expand their service offerings within the same TrackMatriX® Lock code from each member card
  • Minimal concern over risks of data security
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