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NanoMatriX is an expert in visa label design consulting, visa label production and visa label printing solutions. For these client programs, NanoMatriX has proposed alternative security graphics, hologram hot-stamp and printing features prior to the tenders. Further, NanoMatriX designs various options of verifying covert and forensic features in the visa stickers.

Here, specifications would be prepared from the security paper thickness, types of colored and/invisible fibers, color change security inks to the stamping inks/pads, as well as the type of ICAO 9303 compliant personalization printers used. 


  • Working on as much as 10-15 visa types per client project
  • Designing security graphics to specifications, including multi-rainbow printing
  • Unique paper features such as visible and invisible fibers have to be sourced
  • Make recommend machine readable features to elevate document security and improve document workflow.


  • Completed the multiple visa classes within each project timeline
  • Paper features were produced according to specifications through extensive design and sourcing 
  • Provided the best barcode practices to countries not using barcodes yet 
  • Support client inspectors with security training material 


  • Security features could not be copied locally
  • Authentication methods and design features made more sophisticated 
  • Government visa projects were elevated to ICAO 9303 compliant
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