Seamless Integration of Multi-Channel & E-Commerce Systems in Retail Industry

Modern consumer habits are forever changing, but some retailers are still struggling to manage multiple channels because of a lack of knowledge of new technologies, and a reluctance to change.

The challenges that many retailers are facing today are:

  • Costly and imbalanced inventory across channels.
    • Many retailers still treat each channel separately, having separate inventories for each channel which can lead to short and complex inventory life-cycles
  • Inadequacies of existing consumer habits data source.
    • Evidence shows that 70% of retailers do not have a complete view of their consumer, and a further 63% are unable to integrate data from multiple data sources.
  • No established multi-channel, which can have the capability to transform their businesses.
  • Unclear inventory availability and delivery speed (order management, transportation/logistics management systems etc.)
  • Inadequacies of existing technology infrastructure. 

Consumers' shopping expectation has changed and as a result, they now expect a much more interactive and connected experience whether in-store or online. Consumers are constantly doing product research in order to get the best prices and products, saving them both time and money. To succeed in today’s multi-channel era, retailers need to stay ahead of these behavioral trends and utilize new technology to better embrace the change. Retailers must adopt new technologies to gain the benefits of multi-channel in areas such as:

  • Cross-channel product and inventory visibility
  • Transforming stores into local fulfilment centers
  • Equipping sales associates to understand customer preferences and purchase history

Join NanoMatriX to get your well-designed retail solution!

NanoMatriX has decades of experience that supply and consult brand owners and retailers in the qualification of innovative security solutions as well as IT Solutions and customization. Openbravo Commerce Suite, an advanced commerce platform designed for the multi-channel age. It allows retailers to deliver optimal customer service and a trend-setting shopping experience.

How can NanoMatriX help grow your business?


The Openbravo Commerce Platform could change, innovate more and faster, at lower risks, with a truly modular platform. A combination of a commerce solutions that helps retailers to be successful in providing a seamless shopping experiences, better resources planning and efficient warehouse management. Scale from physical stores to the entire retail business, with a single product.


Our company could provide a wide array of security features including security label, security seal, security tag as well as security printing solutions.


TrackMatriX® Lock, a unique authentication technology provides a valuable tool in the fight against ecommerce business. The item could be verified with the 2nd level authentication. Together with the option of security ink in our security tags/labels/seals, we could offer double layer protection. 


TrackMatriX® [v]-Engage provide new ways to interlink product security mobile marketing campaign (high mobile phone penetration). And Increase e-commerce business and engagement with customers secure O2O.


Outstanding reliability as we employ technology that has been tested and proven based on global ISO quality management standards.

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