Secure Covert & Forensic Security Inkjet Ink for CIJ

MatriX-Mark™ CIJ inkjet ink is used to print invisible or visible security marks which cannot be detected or replicated by counterfeiters. Lifetime performance, against physical and chemical resistance makes MatriX-Mark™ CIJ inkjet ideal for brand & document protection and blockchain authentication programs.

Some selected features are:

  • Invisible covert feature such as barcodes, variable data, text or symbols can be printed on a variety of substrates
  • Barcode, text or symbols can be concealed beneath other prints
  • Infinitive number of forensic features available per each project
  • Custom formulated inkjet ink available
  • Security feature heat resistant up 1200°C

MatriX-Mark™ Taggant CIJ Demonstration



MatriX-Mark™ CIJ Ink to Protect Documents and Brands

MatriX-Mark™ CIJ Ink is one of the strongest covert and forensic security features available for inkjet solutions. At NanoMatriX, we can provide inorganic taggant inkjet ink concentrates for colored ink (black, white, others) and color less ink inkjet ink  (clear ink for invisible prints).

The MatriX-Mark™ taggant inkjet ink has been qualified for a wide range of inkjet ink printer brands, including:

  • HP Indigo
  • Domino
  • Leibinger
  • Others

What Makes MatriX-Mark™So Special?

Our taggants are invisible using IR laser pens and UV fluorescent light. This makes it very difficult to detect and imitate by counterfeiters. E.g. To detect a conventional IR upconverter an invisible IR pen is used. The MatriX-Mark™, however, will not reveal its presence to an ordinary laser pen. A proprietary taggant detector will be required to verify its presence.

IR Upconverter

Industry Applications

MatriX-Mark™ CIJ inks have been used or are suitable for applications such as:

  • Security printing
  • Food and beverage
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Automotive parts
  • Consumer Electronics
  • Wire, cable and pipe marking
  • Electronic components
  • Security labels
  • Tax stamps, excise stamps, revenue stamps

Sample Demonstration

Inkjet marked water bottle under detecting

water bottle-1

Genuine bottle detected with green light

water bottle 1-1

Taggant Inkjet Printing on Plastic

l l-1

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