Covert / Forensic Protection using DOD Inkjet ink

MatriX-Mark™ DOD inkjet contains inorganic covert security taggants. MatriX-Mark™ DOD inkjet ink is selected as an ideal covert & forensic technology for document protection and has been applied in a wide range of security documents and cards.

For ultimate, legal enforceable security, the highly covert feature Mark-MatriX™ can be upgraded with an additional forensic security feature which is impossible to counterfeit. The forensic security feature can be determined by using standard laboratory test procedures, even decades after the MatriX-Mark™ DOD ink has been applied. A near infinitive number of forensic features available

The MatriX-Mark™ security taggants are a level 3 security feature. Their presence in colorless or colored prints, can only be verified with a sophisticated proprietary HSD Detector. The output of the verification process will be an unmistakable YES/NO output.  

MatriX-Mark™ DOD inkjet inks and others are available for inkjet printers using HP45 cartridges and others.


MatriX-Mark™ Inkjet Ink (DOD) Applications

  • Pharmaceutical
  • Security printing
  • Tax Stamps, excise stamps, revenue stamps
  • Electronic components
  • Automotive parts
  • Consumer Electronics
  • Security labels
  • Others

MatriX-Mark™ Inkjet Ink (DOD) Demonstration


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