Smart Holographic Labels with Multi-level Security

NanoMatriX offers unique robust product and document protection solutions comprising of multi-level security holographic labels with overt, covert and forensic features. Tamper evident features and security taggants in the label substrate help to ensure that consumers and inspectors to identify counterfeits, warranty return fraud, parallel trading, product dilution or production overrun.  

High Security Holographic Design

Label design to customers’ specification to elevate brand image and perceived value with the help of professional design workflow and holographic security graphic elements, which are created using proprietary security graphic design software.

Smart “Connected” Labels

Smartphone or web-based inspection and consumer engagement support an elevated brand and document protection by applying a standard or proprietary QR code serialization using TrackMatriX® Geo or TrackMatriX® Lock.

Consumer Engagement & Brand Security

Seamless integration of security labels with QR codes into the on-demand self-servicing authentication and consumer engagement platform TrackMatriX® allows marketing and sales executive to plan and execute mobile campaigns without the help of third party vendors.

Blockchain and Tax Stamp Projects  

Our experienced team can help to manage and deliver national tax stamp projects, blockchain authentication projects and closed/private high-value document tracking and management solutions.

Quality Management

Within certified quality management processes, ISO 9001/2015, our experienced team can help to consult, manage and deliver unique, highly customized security labels and labeling solutions.

Tamper Evident Substrates


Covert & Forensic Security Substrates: MatriX-Mark™ Security Taggants

                                                                                Holographic Security Features


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