One Stop Shop Anti-counterfeit Solutions, Manage Your Licensed Goods Reliably

When you select NanoMatriX as your security label supplier, you can expect to:

  • Increase consumer satisfaction through developing superior engagement and marketing activities
  • Reduce the costs related to return of goods and complaints
  • Protect brand reputation against counterfeit goods
  • Provide customized solutions depending on the customers’ specifications and budget

NanoMatriX offers unique label solutions which provide a robust authentication system for product protection. Working with our anti-counterfeiting experts and designers, these merchandising licensing labels can be customized to meet the individual needs as well as applications.

Merchandising Licensing Labels Features

  • Tamper-evident – Openings are damaged when opened (e.g. VOID)
  • Track & trace – Track the product from its delivery to final customer
  • QR Code as a unique identity – Provide covert and overt data

Merchandising Licensing Labels Benefits

  • Flexible data export
  • Easy to inspect via smartphone
  • Authenticate the product throughout the supply chain in real-time
  • Increase supply chain security and secure Track-n-Trace restrict the entry of fake products


Merchandising Licensing Labels Applications

  • Electronic manufacturers
  • Clothing producers
  • Logistics
  • Toys
  • Fanfare

NanoMatriX creates, develops, and evolve products and solutions for brand protection & customer engagement. We offer the best-of-breed materials, components and security features for optimizing your business solutions. NanoMatriX designs what you desired.


We offer customized solutions, meeting clients’ requirements and protecting their invisible assets, and they will always come back for more


We make the world safer by ensuring the authenticity of identities as well as tangible and intangible assets


We achieve this through solid experience, deep technical knowledge and advanced technologies
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