Visa Labels – Innovative, Anti-Counterfeit & ICAO Compliant

Visa label – Highly Secured with Overt, Covert & Forensic Features

As experts in security and anti-counterfeiting technologies with experience spanning several years, NanoMatriX provides a flexible visa label which allows customers and system integrators to select top-of-the-line materials, components and security features as part of their Visa design to maximize the customers' satisfaction, whilst also minimizing any risks.

Features to Watch Out For

  • Comply with MRTD’s by ICAO standard
  • Secured with layers of sophisticated features (Fluorescent inks, security fibers & color-change inks, etc.)
  • Enhanced the design and security of visa via security graphic (Guilloche, microtext, relief, engraving & latent)
  • Visa blanks can be delivered in visa printer friendly format
  • Manufactured in strictly controlled secure facilities, e.g. Visa printer and dedicated detectors

Benefits: Visa Without Borders

  • Globally interoperable in accordance with accepted International standard
  • Stable quality, reliability, durability and overall performance
  • Highly customized security graphic design
  • Tailor-made printing service
  • High flexibility
  • Visual recognition
  • Quality management (ISO 9001:2015)

We also offer competent consulting to improve or modify design or security features, independent security document design expertise, visa print services or visa personalization and verification equipment.

Visa Sticker Sample Design

Sample design of an ICAO compliant visa label with overt, covert and forensic features


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