Cashless Payment System: Engage Customers with Secure NFC Solutions

NFC event wristbands – An interactive and safer event solutions

NanoMatriX is one of the leading anti-counterfeit, mobile track-and-trace technology providers in event management. NanoMatriX has worked with an extensive portfolio of clients across a variety of industries, including the Hong Kong Rugby Sevens. We have assembled the knowledge, engagement, experience, and resources to meet the continuing challenges of producing secure NFC payment solutions forthe future.

Give your customers a memorable experience to pay in a convenient way. NanoMatriX offers a NFC Cashless payment solution that meets pre-, during and post-event requirements. Our NFC-enabled wristbands allow customers to have shorter waiting time and faster transaction at the event gate with a simple tap. Customers are also able to use them to collect reward points, social engagement and ad-hoc gimmicks. With smart wristbands, a superior customer experience is created to increase customer satisfaction.

  • Interface of NFC Wristband Device

Our Cashless Payment System Features:

  • NFC chips on wristbands for storing value and other event relevant information
  • NFC type 2
  • Prepaid system
  • Customized software to support the cashless transactions
  • Variety of event visitor engagement options (point collect, lucky draw, etc.)
  • Back-end database support: Analytics and reports

Cashless Payment System Benefits

  • Convenient payment method through NFC enabled wristbands
  • Faster and more secure transactions
  • Real-time transaction monitoring
  • Dedicated handheld POS devices support
  • Increased customer engagement through reward point
  • Increased in operation efficiency due to post-event analytics and reports
  • Quality and security management according ISO 9001:2015, ISO14443A, ISO15693 & ISO18000-6C, and others

Cashless Payment System Applications

  • Event management
  • Concerts
  • Magic shows
  • Sports events
  • Beach parties
  • Conferences
  • Trade fairs
  • Dance shows
  • Others

NanoMatriX is ready to provide software and hardware support for the Cashless payment system, including the dedicated handheld POS devices and backend database. The POS devices are designed to add value on the wristbands or to charge for consumption with a user-friendly interface. Through each transaction, the relevant data is automatically uploaded to the database which helps organizers to monitor and manage the event in real time. “Better management, higher profits.”

With our dedicated software and hardware support, real-time data capture and analytics, secure Cashless payment meets all of your customers’ desires. The advanced NFC system builds unique experiences for increase customer engagement. There is a reason why organizers in diverse industries around the world choose NanoMatriX. To learn more about Cashless payment system, please feel free to contact us.


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