Efficient Technologies for Omni-Channel & E-commerce

Seamless Integration of Multi-Channel & E-Commerce Systems in Retail Industry

Day after day, consumer habits are changing. However, some retailers are still struggling to manage multiple channels because of a lack of knowledge of new technologies, and a reluctance to change their channel management styles.

The retail industry today is plagued with several challenges. Among these are:

  • Costly and imbalanced inventory across channels

Many retailers still treat each channel separately, having separate inventories for each channel which can lead to short and complex inventory life-cycles

  • Inadequacies of existing consumer habits data source

Evidence shows that 70% of retailers do not have a complete view of their consumer, and a further 63% are unable to integrate data from multiple data sources.

  • No established multi-channel, which can have the capability to transform their businesses
  • Unclear inventory availability and delivery speed (order management, transportation/logistics management systems etc.)
  • Inadequacies of existing technology infrastructure

Consumers' shopping expectations have changed and as a result, they now expect a much more interactive and connected experience whether in-store or online. Consumers are constantly doing product research in order to get the best prices and products, saving them both time and money. To succeed in today’s multi-channel era, retailers need to stay ahead of these behavioral trends and utilize new technology to better embrace the change.

TrackMatriX® SaaS is a self-servicing, subscription-based SaaS application that can allow retailers to engage consumers, fight parallel trading and product counterfeiting, as well as helping to make the supply chain more transparent. 

Retailers can utilise TrackMatriX® SaaS features particularly TrackMatriX® Insights which allows them to collect data from consumers using QR code and NFC scans to provide real-time GPS location, scanning frequencies, and suspicious activity alerts. 

The data obtained can be used by retailers to understand customer preferences and purchase history and to monitor marketing campaign engagement.

Another feature of the TrackMatriX® System is TrackMatriX® NFC, an RFID based brand protection security service. The system is a cloud-hosted, secure form of data exchange which can be used to authenticate individual products.

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