Effective Government Anti-counterfeiting Solutions

Effective Government Anti-counterfeiting Solutions

It is the responsibility of every government to provide and safeguard certain valuable documents like ID cards, passports, tax stamps, banknotes, etc. However, fraudsters are always working hard to forge these documents and produce counterfeits. For this reason, it is compulsory for the government to ensure that national documents are designed in ways that counterfeiters cannot compromise the documents' security.

NanoMatriX is experienced in supplying to both government departments and central banks with innovative security materials and specifications of high security documents such as banknotes, passports, ID cards, tax stamps and so on.

The TrackMatriX® System Solves it all

NanomatriX has created TrackMatriX® , SaaS platform that can help government agencies to fight counterfeiting and protect valuable documents. This unique solution is equipped with on-demand anti-counterfeit QR code generator as well as overt and covert information.
TrackMatriX® SaaS has various security features but the one government agencies can leverage on is TrackMatriX® Lock. The technology is a proprietary overt/covert QR code system, patented worldwide and is designed to protect against counterfeiting and forgery. With the double-layered QR code, it is possible to conceal encrypted information with a QR code format that looks like an ordinary code.

By utilising our security solution, government at all levels are able to secure documents like ID Cards, Passports, Immigration Documents, Tax Stamps, Healthcare Identity Cards, Auto & Cycle Registration and Government Social Security Programs.

Why Choose NanoMatriX?

Over the years, we have distinguished ourselves in providing a broad portfolio of solutions to support government to protect their citizens. We continually improve on our solutions and this is self-evident in our newly created TrackMatriX® SaaS platform. Among many other things, our solutions include:

  • Strong anti-counterfeit security feature designs
  • Government focused project consultation
  • Highly secure QR codes systems,
  • Wide spectrum of overt, covert, forensic security features
  • Security printings solutions and so on.
  • This is a clear combination of security technologies that make authentication and identification easier for government ministries, departments and agencies.



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