What should be considered before you invest in an ERP system?

Posted by Miro ZENG | Wed, May 13, 2015 @ 11:00 AM

Today’s market environment changes fast. Many companies find their ERP system could not meet their fast evolved business requirement. When people evaluate whether they should invest in a new ERP system, they may come out a lot of questions regarding of their own business requirement and the types of ERP software systems on the market. 


Here is a lisf ot questions to be considered before invest in ERP:

  • What issues triggered you to invest into ERP?
  • What are the criteria for companies to select ERP?
  • What are the challenges the company faces when optimizing business process?
  • Mobility, Adaptability, Agile, Connectivity…What are the most important technical requirements for ERP?
  • Is open source platform a better way to running ERP? 
  • What are common pitfalls should avoid when implementing a new ERP?

We conduct an interview and answered the common questions that business owners, CEOs and directors of mid-size companies may have when they consider to have an ERP system or change their existing ERP system to adapt to their new business challenges . 

Click video to see the interview.



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Written by Miro ZENG