Visit NanoMatriX at Retail Asia Expo 2015 - POS/ERP/Track&Trace Solution

Posted by Miro ZENG | Wed, May 06, 2015 @ 11:15 AM

etail Asia Expo is where retailers come to shop!

Established since 2009, Retail Asia Expo is an award-winning exhibition consists of three focus areas: Retail Technology, Retail Design & In-Store Marketing and Internet Retailing.


NanoMatriX will be at the show as a retail technology and internet retailing supplier, and present state-of-art solutions for retailers:

  • Agile, modular and on-demand enterprise software platform (ERP,POS) with ecommerce, mobile payment and embeded retail analytics, which are adaptable, scalable and expandable to meet fast growing business demand.

  • A convenient-to-use, cost saving, globally functional online mobile authentication & consumer engagement systems to ensure supply chain transparency, prevent counterfeiting and engage customers through QR code
  • Anti-counterfeiting products and proficient anti-counterfeiting solution to enhance brand protection


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Topics: Brand Protection, Retail Asia Expo, Industry

Written by Miro ZENG