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According to a survey conducted by the MasterCard Worldwide in 2013, 66.4% of Hong Kong people shopped online, increasing from 57.9% in 2011. In the same survey, 82.0% of the interviewees indicated that they had the intention to shop online, compared to 75.5% in 2011. The main reason for online shopping was convenience, as indicated by 70.2% of the respondents. Hong Kong retail business had a 200% growth over last decade, while the service level satisfaction of customers has been decreased 12% during last 15 years. It was the time when eCommerce sales boost. Nowadays Hong Kong retailers are very concern about how to optimize shopping experience and improve customer satisfaction, and the omni-channel experience is what retailers are seeking to provide to customers.
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Visit NanoMatriX at Retail Asia Expo 2015 - POS/ERP/Track&Trace Solution

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etail Asia Expo is where retailers come to shop! Established since 2009, Retail Asia Expo is an award-winning exhibition consists of three focus areas: Retail Technology, Retail Design & In-Store Marketing and Internet Retailing.
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