NanoMatriX Brings Innovations to IMI Security Printing Conference

Posted by Eric Lam | Wed, Mar 28, 2018 @ 07:34 PM

Newest Brand Protection & Customer Engagement Solution at IMI Security Printing Conference 

Sharing with Professionals at an International Conference

NanoMatriX was invited to attend and gave a speech at IMI’s Security Printing Conference on Tuesday, 6th February, 2018. With the international focus on security requirements, technology choices and other issues related to effectively protect products and documents, we are pleased to share our innovations to this industry for addressing the issues mentioned above from different interesting aspects about QR code/ NFC based brand protection and direct consumer engagement in Asia.

blog image 2.jpgAlfons Futterer, Managing Director at NanoMatiX, describing the NFC application for verifying the wines’ authenticity


Trends and Concerns of QR Codes & NFC Based Technologies

Trends and opportunities associated with consumer usage of QR codes and NFC technologies were discussed in the conference. It is discovered that QR Code & NFC in Asia is a popular and effective marketing tool for engaging consumers in a variety of applications such as information sharing, mobile payment, product verification and others. Although there is a new window of opportunity for entering into the Chinese market, the public worries about their security levels in terms of brand protection because of increasing QR Code/ NFC scams.

blog image 1.jpg

Mr. Futterer shared and indicated the specific QR code usage in China.

Strengthen Consumer Confidence Using TrackMatriX® Solutions (TM Solutions)

Latest anti-counterfeiting and consumer engagement solutions such as the proprietary TM solutions (TM Silver, TM Gold & TM Platinum) developed by NanoMatriX were introduced with three important elements in each solution, integrating TrackMatriX® QR Codes/ MatriX NFC Tags, TrackMatriX® Cloud and TrackMatriX® Engage (Generic/ Custom-built app) as a total solution for brand protection, consumer engagement, track and trace as well as business intelligence.

 blog image 3.jpg

Mr. Futterer revealed the one shop TrackMatriX® Solutions to protect brands, engage consumers, and track items along supply chain with reporting portal. 

Sharing a Successful Case in China via TrackMatriX® Silver

Over the years, NanoMatriX has been helping government institutions and businesses in combating counterfeiting, illicit trade and parallel trading, also involving in developing and implementing a range of regional and country level projects to achieve outcomes as clients expected. Thus, Mr. Futterer took this opportunity to share a specific project in China, which focused on how TrackMatriX® Silver solution could serve their security needs, build consumer loyalty, gain consumer insights and integrate seamlessly into their operation process.

blog image 4.jpg

Mr. Futterer demonstrated the TrackMatriX® Reporting Portal how to capture the engagement data (by locations) 

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Written by Eric Lam