Successful Tax Stamp Project

Posted by Serena Huang | Thu, May 11, 2017 @ 04:19 PM


Successful Tax Stamp Project 

NanoMatriX is pleased to announce the completion of a successful tax stamp project. It has been important to our customer to upgrade their security level of tax stamp features in several aspects. Thus, the new security features should be ultra covert and can yet easy to verify by mobile inspectors. After four months of close cooperation, the project has been delivered and we received a very positive feedback from our customer.

Project Challenges

Our customer required a combination of sophisticated overt, covert, forensic security features which had to meet the requirements of various user-groups as well as harsh climate and lifecycle requirements. The tax stamps had to be absolutely copy proof, offer multiple inspection options by in-field inspectors as well as local and international forensic document experts.

Solution/ Scope of Supply

Our scope of delivered products and services comprised 

  • Project consulting
  • Security feature selection and qualification
  • Project implementation
  • Detector sets with accessories
  • User training and project specific documentation
  • After sales support, including remote/ online training & technical support

In context of the project requirements, NanoMatriX proposed to use a high-tech covert-forensic MatriX-MarkTaggant as one of the most important security feature in the printed tax stamps. The Mark-MatriX™ Taggant used in every tax stamp project can be infused with a unique, project-specific, forensic signature to support of court proceedings against counterfeiters with legal enforceable evidence - beyond any reasonable doubt.

Along with several hundred HSDs (High Security Detectors) for easy and accurate in-field verification of the detectors. To ensure long life of the HSDs and the maximum convenience of use, all HSDs were supplied with USB charger, protective sleeve, branded lanyard, protective pouch, etc. 

Following key characteristics of the Mark-MatriX™ taggant solutions have been the key drivers for the success of this unique security material

  1. Highly covert nature
  2. Inorganic material, inert to UV radiation, aging and harsh conditions.
  3. Forensic signature for project specific marking
  4. Wide range of detectors and sensor solutions
  5. Professional and efficient project management


By selecting our highly secure MatriX-Marktax stamp solution, it is expected that the efficiency of the government’s tax collection system will significantly improve, hence contribute to the overall national economic development.

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Written by Serena Huang

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